Scorpio - characteristics and profile of the Scorpio man, woman, child and baby


Scorpio (October 24 to November 22). The seventeenth-century astrologer John Gadbury, whose own horoscope was strongly Scorpionic, wrote a pamphlet endeavouring to prove that pure Scorpios were not, as tradition averred, quarrelsome, treacherous, drunken and sexually debauched. Present-day astrologers tend to agree with Gadbury rather than ancient tradition and to interpret the Scorpio nature by concentrating upon the positive aspects of the sign. They argue that only a small number of pure Scorpios have characters of the violent and irrational nature traditionally attributed to them, and that most individuals born with both a Scorpio ascendant and with the sun in Scorpio are honest, rational and not exceptionally quarrelsome or debauched. Nevertheless, it has to be admitted that a good number of pure Scorpios are more secretive, abrupt, strong-willed and fiercely erotic than most people. Provided that these characteristics are modified by a certain amount of self-control, they are, however, a source of strength for the Scorpio, who can use them to get what he/she wants out of life. Scorpionic personalities have included Indira Gandhi, Marie Curie, Edith Piaf, and - the dark side of Scorpio - Nazi leaders Goering and Goebbels.


Sexuality and the Emotions
Pure Scorpios have strong emotions, ardent passions and a physical eroticism which greatly exceeds that of other zodiacal types. A pure Scorpio will find it difficult to 'forget about it' if his/her sex life is unsatisfactory. No one is less able to transmute sexual energies and desires into, for example, artistic creativity than the Scorpio. If Scorpios love ardently, they also love long; they can develop an almost obsessive relationship with the object of their desires. As a consequence, they can be extremely jealous, and to be on the receiving end of Scorpionic jealousy is not a pleasant experience.

General Characteristics
No one could legitimately accuse the pure Scorpio of being dull and pedestrian. He/she possesses tremendous energy and, often, ambition. The old astrologers taught that some of the characteristics of this zodiacal sign were best symbolized by the eagle. Scorpios, they said, have all the fleshly appetites of the carnivorous eagle, liking to tear and rend the prey that they snatch from earth and then to fly high, hovering far above the rest of us, and to detach themselves from the boredom which lies below. In other words, however concerned with their strong appetites Scorpios may be, they are also likely to turn out to be high flyers, men and women whose inner strength can overcome all the problems of everyday existence - including, it is worth adding, those that arise as a direct consequence of indulgence in the delights of the flesh.

There are strong relationships between the sign of Scorpio and the planet Mars and (if modem astrologers are to be believed) Pluto, and pure Scorpios display many of the good and bad characteristics associated with these planets. Thus, they are authoritative, brave, energetic, innovative and creative. If, on the other hand, a Scorpionic personality manifests some of the more negative aspects of the planets, he or she can be cruel to the point of sadism, a brutally destructive individual who says 'evil be thou my good' (the Nazi leader Hermann Goering, founder of the Gestapo, provides a chilling illustration of the type). Even their best friends would be unlikely to refer to pure Scorpios as 'instantly likeable' or 'full of charm', yet their energy and drive make them useful- although dangerous - friends and allies. Better to avoid Scorpios than to abuse their friendship by disloyalty.

Pure Scorpios only find satisfaction in a life-style which allows them both to satisfy their strong physical and emotional appetites and to provide an outlet for their drive to success. What is unacceptable to the pure Scorpio is triviality and pettiness: he/she could be happy auditing the accounts of large companies, but to devote hislher life to checking the petty cash would be unendurable. The Scorpionic personality thinks big, wants to act big, and usually needs a great deal of money to satisfy hislher desires. At its worst, this can lead to crime: the big-time bank robber usually has a horoscope in which Scorpionic elements are prominent. At its best, the pure Scorpio can become an immensely capable, although utterly ruthless, industrialist, business person, or military leader. At home the Scorpio is unfussy about hislher surroundings, as long as they satisfy hislher physical and emotional appetites.

Excerpted from 'The Complete Fortune Teller' by Francis X King.