How to Get Your Scorpio Man Back


Scorpio men are the pure embodiment of passion. They can sometimes hide their inner fire behind a cold and calculated exterior, in an effort to preserve their dignity, but make no mistake, when the Scorpio man loves he does it with a burning vengeance. Sometimes all of this passion can culminate in him becoming possessive or controlling, but for those who understand the Scorpio man, they see these traits for what they are. They are simply symptoms of his strong emotions run awry. A bit of patience and assertiveness can teach the Scorpio man how to properly navigate these emotions.

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Scorpio is ruled by Pluto; the planet named for the god of the underworld. Scorpio is a sign characterized by death, figuratively at least. This means that if a romantic relationship starts to go south, Scorpio isn't afraid to end it. Whether it's relationships, friendships, careers, or hobbies, the Scorpio man is not afraid of endings. Rather, he relishes each ending as an opportunity to make space for something new in his life.

Because the Scorpio man loves to reinvent himself and make changes in his life, you may experience some resistance from him, if you're trying to convince him to give your relationship a second try. But if you take the time to understand the Scorpio mindset, and work with his traits, and not against them, you stand a much better chance of rekindling that spark of passion (and Scorpio men are full of passion!)

Keep your jealousy in check

The Scorpio man will be quick to become jealous if other men take an interest in you, but don't pick up this bad habit of his. The Scorpio man will always be the object of fawning female attention. With his brooding, charismatic nature, his powerful aura, and air of depth and mystery, he's like the sexy bad boy from every action flick. You know? The one who breaks hearts and follows nobody's rules but his own? That is the man that you're dealing with here. The Scorpio man doesn't like to be nagged or told what to do, so don't try and keep him from talking to other women. Simply trust that he loves you, and that while he might flirt here and there, you have nothing to worry about. Acting like the jealous needy girlfriend will have Scorpio's rebellious nature looking for a way out. The Scorpio man is not one to be dictated to.

Give him space

The Scorpio man doesn't want a clingy woman who wants to know his every thought and feeling, and this is especially true when the two of you have history and are trying to repair a damaged relationship. The Scorpio man has a tendency to be secretive. He is suspicious of other people and will keep to himself, usually even after some degree of trust has been built. Much like the scorpion that his sun sign is named for, he prefers to keep a part of himself hidden in darkness. He has an incredible fear of vulnerability, so don't be surprised if he never fully lets his walls down. This doesn't mean that he doesn't love you. It's just a part of who he is. He needs a space that is only for him.

Be ready to make the physical sense

Scorpio is a highly sexual sign. The Scorpio man is a passionate lover and if he's decided to turn his tendency for transformation to the task of rebuilding a relationship with you, he'll likely want to spark your romance with the kindling of physical passion. The Scorpio man is sensual and filled with desire when a woman catches his eye. If you're hoping for that woman to be you, make sure that you're ready for Scorpio's passionate and sexual nature. If you're adamantly against making up in this particular way, just be sure to let him know gently. The Scorpio man is very proud and emotional. Lecturing him on matters of decency will only cause him to feel hurt, judged, and rejected. For all of his enigmatic confidence, Scorpio men can actually be very sensitive.

Have a thick skin and be prepared for a rocky start

If the relationship between the two of you ended badly, your Scorpio man may not be ready to forgive right away. Like a scorpion defending itself with its stinger, the Scorpio man will lash out at others when he feels hurt. Be ready for this and understand that he is only acting this way because he feels hurt or let down in some way. This should all blow over once your Scorpio man realizes that you are on his side, and he has nothing to fear from you. The regenerative nature of this Pluto sign won't let him stay angry at you for forever.

Allow him to be himself

While not nearly as fickle as the Gemini man, the Scorpio man is in a nearly constant state of change. He will forever remain in a cycle of death and rebirth, killing off old parts of himself and parts of his life, so that he can recreate them, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Any partner of the Scorpio man will have to be comfortable with this. Watching the rebirth, him adding new elements to his life or growing in a profound way, may not be very difficult, but the other side of that is watching him burn his life to the ground every so often. He may end friendships, jobs, commitments, or habits. He will always be purging his life. If you try to change the Scorpio man and make him into something that goes against his true nature, you could find yourself purged and left behind as well. But learn to accept it and you'll find yourself on a wild and hypnotic ride of romance that will last a lifetime.