Gifts for Taurus Women


The second sign of the zodiac calendar, Taurus includes those born from April 20th to May 20th. As a fixed earth sign, life for Taurus women is all about physical pleasures and material rewards, which in fact thrown up lots of gift ideas even though it may be somewhat taxing on your resources.

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Expensive jewelry

A Taurus is primarily interested in the practical side of life. While moonlit nights and romantic serenades are all very well, a Taurus woman will be more interested to know if you are well-established in your career and can afford to give her the comforts she is used to. And one of the best ways you can satisfy her need for material security is to gift her something expensive – jewelry of course. With a Taurus woman though, you cannot go settle for just any other bauble and trinket that is the stuff of ordinary jewelry boxes – she values precious things and has a keen sense of the material worth of a gift. So go for rings and ear-studs in solitaire diamonds or choose an intricately designed bracelet or locket in a precious metal like gold or platinum or you can go for expensive gemstones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires but ensure that they are well-cut and mounted on an expensive setting. Taurus rules the throat, so a choker of pearls or a locket set in a precious stones can also make a great gift.

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A bouquet of fragrance

However you don’t have to break the bank in order to buy gifts for Taurus women - you can just as easily appeal to their sensual side. Bearing a fixed earth sign, women of this zodiac are rooted in their body and its pleasures.  If when choosing a gift for a Taurus woman keep in mind that she will love to be indulged with things that smell good – so you can look for a perfume that is in keeping with her personality or buy her a fragrance that is her particular favorite. In fact you can make an extra effort and put together a gift hamper consisting of eau de colognes, bath salts, body washes and facial sprays – if you are feeling particularly creative, ensure that they all underline a common note like rose or lavender or if you are running short of time, stop by a cosmetics store for women and have them compile such a gift hamper. Alternately you can also gift her with a session at her favorite salon or if you are willing to take things a notch higher, even perhaps a weekend at a classy spa resort.

Apparel and accessories

In keeping with the sensual theme, you can also look for apparel and accessories to give your Taurus woman. This is because they love things that are soft and smooth against their skin – a silk scarf in lovely paisley motifs perhaps or a stole woven from the softest Pashmina wool. Or if you don’t mind shelling out another few hundred dollars, look for a fur wrap or coat to drape around the slender shoulders of your woman. Best of all, such gifts would not only satisfy the sensual side of your Taurus woman but gratify their need for material worth as well since elegant fabrics like silk and fine wool they are unlikely to come with a cheap price tag.

Cook up a storm

What better way to pamper a Taurus partner than a home-cooked dinner? Individuals of this zodiac are great foodies and will often go to great lengths to indulge themselves with the finest wine and dishes that they can afford. So the next time you are stuck for a special gift idea for your Taurus woman, invite your beloved over for dinner at your place. While the menu and cooking may require some advance preparation, don’t go overboard by making a five course meal which will leave you too tired and stressed out to enjoy. Rather make the main course the highlight of the menu and then pair it up with some fresh bread and excellent wine. Don’t go for anything excessively fancy or exotic since Taurus men and women love wholesome comfort food best. Of course don’t forget to end the dinner with some sinfully chocolaty cake or a dessert of your partner’s choice. Men and women alike of this zodiac have a weakness for rich, sumptuous food and if you are doing all this for your Taurus girlfriend, she is even more likely to be impressed by the love and effort behind the gesture.

Take her shopping

If your woman is a shopaholic – and considering the fact that Taurus individuals like to possess things, she is mostly likely one – a great gift idea would be to take her out for an entire day of shopping. Go exploring the swankiest mall in your city or take a tour of an exclusive neighborhood where most of the boutique stores and designer labels are located. If your resources permit, allow your partner to buy whatever her heart desires and make sure there are enough jewelry, apparel and accessories stores around so that she has a blast. Finally wind up by stopping for a cup of coffee or a quick bite at a posh bar or a gourmet café.

Rare blooms

The sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of decorative arts.  So if your Taurus woman already has her share of mink coats and diamond bracelets, consider sending her flowers. However don’t take the easy way out by going for something cheap and small or that will be the last you will be seeing of her. Instead look for rare blooms like orchids or flowers which have a sensual appeal like perhaps white and purple lilacs, which are as fragrant as they are beautiful. Better still send them to her in an expensive crystal vase since a Taurus knows quality when she sees it. Alternatively you can also gift her a potted plant since she is after all an Earth sign and fond of things that are organic in nature. Also a house plant would gives her something to nurture and grow and Taurus women are natural nurturers and find fulfillment in taking care of things long term, which is also part of their desire to possess.