The Taurus Child - Traits and Characteristics


The zodiac sign of Taurus includes those born from April 20th to May 20th. As a fixed earth sign, life for Taurus individuals is all about physical pleasures and material rewards. Here are a few things to keep in mind when bringing up a Taurus child.

Love of the familiar

A Taurus child likes things to be peaceful and comfortable around him/her. They thrive best in a familiar environment, amidst people who they have known since their early childhood. It is thus important to surround your Taurus child with familiar things and everyday routine that impart a sense of security. Sudden and unannounced changes upset them which is why you should introduce a new family ritual or event gradually and prepare them beforehand for it. One important reason for this love of the familiar is that they are quite sensitive even though they may not wear their hearts on their sleeves. And once they find a system that works for them, they want to maintain the status quo so as not to create chaos and mess it all up again.  They are quite certain about not wanting things to change because they simply liked things the way they were. The best way to get them to embrace a new concept or idea is to give them enough time to mull it over in their heads. This approach will help them to think things through in advance and understand for themselves that a change can be a positive event.

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Preparing for change

One of the negative fallouts of a love of the familiar is that Taurus children usually don’t take well to moving house or changing schools. This can be quite a problem in families which move frequently like in the military. Leaving behind all their old friends and the comfortable security of their old bedroom is really hard on Taurus kids.  The only way to go about this is to give them lots of time to adjust to the idea of the move before actually changing houses or schools.  If it is possible, show them the new school a few times before the first day or let them meet the new neighborhood kids before shifting house. These sorts of steps make it so much easier for them rather than to make an abrupt change.

Sense of commitment

A person born in the zodiac of Taurus takes his/her commitments very seriously and you can see this tendency quite clearly in a child too. They don’t usually flit from one object of interest to another in rapid succession. It may take some time for your Taurus child to get hooked to a hobby or activity but when they do, they are likely to give their all towards pursuing it. This make Taurus kids hard-working and diligent in activities they have decided to take up. This sense of commitment expresses itself most delightfully in a deep connection to family and friends. Your Taurus son and daughter will love you with an unflinching devotion while towards friends and playmates he/she will display a deep loyalty. It is quite usual for Taurus kids to be perfectly content with two or three very meaningful friendships rather than have a whole gang of pals. However sometimes this sense of commitment may express itself as a kind of possessiveness since your child may want to be loved back by their friends with the same intense and exclusive affection as he/she loves them.

Strong streak of obstinacy

Like the sign of the Bull that they bear, Taurus men, women and children are known for their legendary obstinacy. When your Taurus child plays, he/she probably has fixed ideas about how the play should proceed. They have their own way of doing things and won't be persuaded to change it unless they understand the reason why and agree that a new way might be a better way to play the game. When taken to an extreme, this streak of obstinacy may manifest itself as problems with authority at home or school. You may have ordered a ‘time out’ for your Taurus child only to find that he or she is perfectly capable of 'outwaiting' you. Then again they’ll never tire of wanting what they want. They're not likely to give up easily, even if their attachment is one that is completely unhealthy for them. So instead of ordering your child to do or stop doing something, a far better idea would be to explain what it is that you object to and why, after which you can ask for a promise not to repeat the act again.

A fearsome temper

While on the whole Taurus kids are happy to left to themselves, if they are incited or unable to get their way for long, they can explode in a fearsome temper much like the popular notion of the bull in a china shop. At such times, it is almost always useless to threaten with authority or punishment. Rather help them to dig into their logical and keen minds in order to find the most effective and rational way of finding a solution to whatever has been bothering them. On the other hand, if you give into their anger and bullying, then they will automatically assume that it is an effective way to solve problems. Taurus children benefit greatly from exposure to the rhythms of nature. Simply being outside or better still, engaging in a physical activity will help your child to let off excess steam and relax mentally. When a Taurus child gets tense, it shows up in the neck area which is why physical exercise or massage are usually found to be of great help.

Craving for physical love

Like adults of the same zodiac, Taurus kids are easy to please when given lots of physical affection. Big hugs and smoochy kisses are the best way to make your Taurus child feel loved and cared for. Little kids will enjoy sitting in your lap and relish the cozy warmth of a parent’s love when physically hurt or just feeling down. With lots of bear hugs and a steady family environment you will find Taurus children easy to raise and see them transform into wonderful adults.