The Taurus Employee - Personality and Characteristics


The zodiac sign of Taurus includes those born from April 20th to May 20th. As a fixed earth sign, work for Taurus men and women is all about practical pursuits and material rewards. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking to get the best out of your Taurus employee.

Need for security

Chances are that it was the prospect of a stable job that attracted your Taurus employee to your company rather than the idea of learning the ropes under experts or the view offered by ocean-facing office building. A Taurus above all needs security in his/her life – just like they need to be assured of the commitment of their partners in their relationships, similarly they like to know that their job will not be taken away by the merest fluctuations of the financial market. So if you are keen to retain your Taurus employee, offer him/her something more substantial than a temporary opening; if a permanent position is not possible at the moment, at least show them the benefits of a long-term contract with your company. Once they are satisfied that they stand on solid ground, you as an employer, can land the most difficult project and they will happily acquiesce.

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The need for security in a Taurus is also reflected in how they negotiate compensation at work. On the whole Taurus men and women are attracted to definite material rewards rather than the sheer pleasure of working with someone famous or for philanthropy. So you need to draw them with an attractive salary package, something they know they are worthy of. Interestingly however, your Taurus employee will be more comfortable with a fixed salary and perhaps a few perks rather than a fat percentage of the deals that he/she is able to close for you. Because of their love of security, a Taurus would much prefer knowing how much he/she is taking home at the end of the day.

Rooted in the practical

As a fixed earth sign, Taurus men and women are grounded in the practical and material realities of life. Not for them the soaring imagination of a Pisces which makes for famous artists or the persuasive powers of a Gemini which can get the most intractable customer to sign on the dotted line. In fact if you have dared to put your Taurus employee in sales or promotion, he/she is more likely to warn others the particular product or service isn’t such a good idea. This is because the no-nonsense earthy nature of a Taurus makes him/her see a thing for it actually is, instead of viewing its possibilities. This lack of imagination might make them a misfit in the creative or sales departments but a huge asset in the accounts section or in the banking industry where you can count on their cautious nature to handle money. This is not to say that a Taurus will not be able to sell anything for you. With a strong planetary influence of Aries, Gemini or Leo in their horoscopes, Taurus sales professionals can be quite successful but overall they would prefer a low-pressure sales pitch or where the product is solid and comes with in-built security like perhaps farm equipment, real estate or loans and retirement plans in the finance sector.

Slow to change

Yet another consequence of their fixed sign is that Taurus men and women are often slow to accept change. Unlike an Aquarius who can move from one idea and plan to another with a breezy simplicity, a Taurus is most comfortable in a set routine and surrounded by familiar working relationships. You will rarely find them job hopping unless there is a very good reason for them to change companies like perhaps a meager salary. Again they are only too happy to continue in the same physical space unless it is too shabby or restricted. This might make a Taurus employee less fitted for the brainstorming departments in industries like fashion and computer technology where a trend or software is news for the briefest span of time. Rather you will be able to get much more from your Taurus worker in administrative positions or legal departments where time-honored rules and conventions hold the sway.

Innately loyal

Loyalty whether in professional or personal lives is a quality that ranks among the highest ideals with a Taurus. In relationships, Taurus men and women make some of the most faithful partners and also some of the most unforgiving in case they realize that they have not been accorded the same fidelity. At work, if you are the kind of boss who likes to have a close-knit team or professional allegiance, a Taurus employee would make a great choice. Once they are happy with their salary and the kind of work they do, they don’t need much to persuade them to stay in the same company which could be for several years together. Also a Taurus does not much care for inter-personal relationships at the workplace as long as he/she is left alone and not dragged into office politics. Unlike a Cancerian or Libran employee who would get upset by stressed relationships at the workplace even perhaps to the point of quitting, you can trust a Taurus to keep to his/her own and not be greatly bothered by what is going on around them.

Sense of discipline

If you are in a profession like the military or law, where it is essential to follow orders and keep to the rule book, then a Taurus is the employee for you. Unlike a Sagittarius who often comes with an inborn problem with authority, a Taurus is usually willing to accept orders from their superiors. This is because with their innate sense of the realistic they know that the only way to rise to the position where he/she can give orders tomorrow is to cheerfully obey them today. However be careful not to push him/her too much. Constant nagging and scolding may backfire so that you might find your normally even-tempered Taurus employee set him/herself against with you with typical bull-headed obstinacy.

Finally the Taurus’s ability to hold the center together makes him/her indispensable in any company or team. They can be trusted to keep their calm and come up with a reasonable solution in case of emergencies or when things are going haywire. In a Taurus you’ll seldom come across a more dependable, trust­worthy and honest employee.