The Taurus Boss - Traits and Characteristics


Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiac, includes all those born from 20th April to 20th May. Being a fixed earth sign, men and women born into this sign are marked by solidity, constancy and physicality - qualities which they also bring to the workplace they oversee.

Slow and steady

Don’t go looking for quick promotions when working for a Taurus boss. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ is a maxim that he/she not only lives by personally but also applies to his/her subordinates. So unlike an Aries boss who you can hope to dazzle by your professional brilliance and attain that plum promotion, it will be far more difficult to impress a Taurus chief with your get-rich-quick schemes. These people believe that the best way to the top is by slow and steady steps and thus you can expect your boss to put through you through the mill at your workplace. Only when you deliver the job at hand will you be allowed to move on to the rung above you and from there to the next. However the thing to remember here about Taurus bosses is that most of them are pretty industrious themselves and have probably arrived at the position where they are today by dint of hard work and a stolid patience. While this may rankle an employee looking for a speedy rise to the top, if you are patient and wise enough to do as your boss says, you will not only be learning the ropes of the job but also come out efficient, determined and with lots of staying power.

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Takes time to come at a decision

A Taurus boss does not have much time for fireworks or extravagant display of choices. He/she will prefer to mull over a proposal or your presentation quietly and might even seem to take forever to come to a decision. But this is not because they are afraid to take a call or are wishy-washy in their minds, but because they like to be sure of where they are heading. The stolid and rooted nature of Taurus makes it imperative for them to consider all sides of an affair before announcing their stand. The upside of this torturous wait is that once approved, your boss will most likely stand by you through the duration of the project and if need be even defend it to his/her seniors.

A rational mind

The fact that a Taurus likes to move ahead by slow and steady steps does not mean that he/she cannot appreciate a good idea. Far from it actually; in fact they are reputed for their practical acumen and an almost sixth sense for moneymaking which can spot a profitable idea from miles away. However make sure that you present to him/her a thorough and complete plan and not some half-baked notion with all fizzle and no substance. Taurus bosses are known to supervise a project till the very end and if they see you lacking in constancy, no matter how brilliant your initial idea, you are unlikely to impress them. However, like it has been pointed out once they see the potential in an idea, they will adopt it with steadfastness – just make sure that he/she rewards you for your idea at a suitable time if not immediately.

Resistant to change

Taurus men and women are known for their slow acceptance of change. This is due to their fixed earth sign which lends this personality a rootedness and a love for continuity. So if you are new to your job and think that this place needs a shakeup, hold your counsel for the time being. Only after you have settled in and proven your professional worth to your boss, it will be wise to suggest a few novel ideas. Also remember that Taurus men and women are quite conventional in their ways and if you have been turning up in torn jeans and see-through tops in your previous workplace, you might need to go for a more conservative appearance around here. It is not that Taurus personalities are always stuffy or bull-headed about change; it is just that they need to be thoroughly sure that a new way is not just a fad but a real improvement on an earlier way of going about something.

Indulge your boss

Finally if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks to forward your career, invest in some high quality gifts for your boss. A Taurus is fond of the finer things of life especially good food, great wine and luxurious clothing. So if you are stumped on what to gift your Taurus boss this Christmas, think culinary books, wine accessories or a soft Persian rug. The earthy nature of Taurus means that they delight in sensual pleasures and like to be indulged by the best that money can buy though they, unlike Leo men and women, are far from extravagant or showy. If you are thinking of calling over your boss for dinner at your place, try and make sure you have arranged for a spread of good food and wine, excellent music and the sight of sparkling crystal dinnerware. This is a person who is fond of the good life and in all probability keeps a proud table at his/her own home.

Loyalty scores high with them

Though a Taurus boss is not above adopting a profitable idea from you and passing it off as his/her own, don’t make a great deal out of it if it has happened just the odd time. This is because qualities like loyalty and faithfulness rank very highly with Taurus men and women. And if you prove yourself a true and loyal employee, chances are that your boss will remember your allegiance for a long time to come and justly reward you for it. Your fidelity might not reap immediate benefits but if you manage to win his/her faith, you can look forward to a lasting tenure, a comfortable pay packet and a boss who will always give you a patient hearing.