Uranus in the Sixth House


Uranus in the sixth house denotes peculiar and exceptional complaints arising from nervous agitation and environment. Very few are sensitive enough to fully appreciate the psychic tendencies of this position. but in those who are very receptive it awakens the psychic faculties and brings abnormal development of some kind, according to the other conditions in the nativity. Nearly all the ailments may be traced to the nervous condition, for it is supposed that Uranus has much influence over the etheric double, which is the medium through which the prana or vital force is conveyed to the body. If much afflicted in this house there is danger of insanity or hypochondria, epilepsy and hallucination. If well aspected diseases are curable by electricity, massage, etc., but if much afflicted diseases become incurable. This position makes the native an unwilling servant and is not good for service of any kind, unless the soul has awakened, when the native elects to become a servant of humanity. Much will depend upon the sign ruling the sixth house as to how this influence will operate. To some it brings great opportunity, to others it is a curse, extremes ruling.