Uranus Rising - Uranus in the First House or Ascendant


Uranus rising always causes the native to be somewhat original or eccentric, and quite different from the everyday type. It gives a keen interest in all things occult, curious, profound, or metaphysical. To the most advanced of humanity it gives genius and the power to see ahead mentally farther than the ordinary individual. Those who cannot respond to the higher vibrations of this planet are very independent, and usually rather abrupt, as it acts directly upon the nervous system, and so stirs into great activity the personal magnetism. All persons born with Uranus risii.g are much in advance of the period in which they live, and usually become pioneers of reform, being attuned to a higher octave of thought than the majority can understand. It tends to the inversion of ideas.

Uranus in Aries : Abrupt ; ambitious ; changeable ; inventive ; thorough.
Uranus in Taurus : Considerate ; determined ; occult and mystical ; devotional.
Uranus in Gemini : Curious ; fond of everything mystical, occult, and progressive.
Uranus in Cancer : Eccentric ; restless ; peculiar ; impatient and fanciful.
Uranus in Leo : Liberal ; fond of freedom ; independent and aspiring.
Uranus in Virgo : Economical ; quiet ; antiquated ; eccentric ; psychic.
Uranus in Libra : Romantic ; restless ; scientific ; perceptive ; refined.
Uranus in Scorpio : Artful ; secretive ; superstitious ; inventive ; shrewd.
Uranus in Sagittarius : Turbulent ; rebellious ; enthusiastic ; over-generous, and free.
Uranus in Capricorn : Insinuative ; romantic ; acquisitive ; restless, and unsettled.
Uranus in Aquarius : Odd ; impressionable ; scientific or metaphysical ; clever.
Uranus in Pisces : Novel ; fanciful ; desponding ; psychic ; silent.