Uranus in the Fourth House


Uranus in the fourth house denotes sudden and tragic or exceptional experiences at the end of life. It is not a good position for Uranus, and nothing definite can be predicted with regard to the close of life, for reversals and sudden changes are shown. To those who seek to lead the occult life denotes isolation or expansion of consciousness upon higher planes, but only where the horoscope shows occultism or mysticism can this be judged. If Uranus afflicts the luminaries, danger of paralysis and sudden death is shown ; if afflicting Mercury, insanity or mental shocks to the nervous system ; and if Mars, tragedy and violence. This position denotes trouble in the home life, estrangement from parents, a chequered career, and many family troubles. There is usually some peculiar source of disharmony in the domestic conditions throughout life. Uranus in any angle favours a bohemian or peculiar life, the native being unconventional and somewhat eccentric.