Uranus in the Second House


Uranus denotes gain through antiquities ; old and curious objects; through unique employments of a purely mental character, especially those occupations in which the occult and mystical side of things are the main feature. It is the planet which brings gain through astrology, clairvoyance, mysticism and the occult generally. Writers of extraordinary fiction in which the imagination is of an exalted kind , organists or musicians who have a touch of genius in their composition come under Uranian influence ; also high-class mechanics, inventors, originators and composers. In a general sense railway employees of all grades conic under the influence of the planet Uranus. The aspects, good or ill, of Uranus to Neptune are so comprehensive in their nature as to affect rather the life as a whole (unless, indeed, the influence remain latent) than any one department in such a way as could be particularly indicated.