Uranus in the Third House


Uranus in the third house denotes an inventive, ingenious, and curious mind ; given to study mystical and metaphysical subjects ; unconventional and very liberal mental tendencies ; fond of abstruse and profound studies. In a weak horoscope this position denotes bohemian tastes, wild and erratic schemes and projects formulated by the brain, and unaccountable and strange mental attitudes. In a progressive horoscope it widens the mental vision and broadens the intellectual view of life. In the advanced types of humanity it raises the mind into higher thought and prepares the way for altruistic ideas, and social or mental reforms. To all it gives a touch of the eccentric or a flash of genius, especially in music or oratory, with, in the latter, a distinctly epigrammatic tendency. It gives a love of Astrology and kindred subjects, power to hypnotise, heal and use the mesmeric forces for the benefit of others. It denotes the possibility of awakening clairaudient or clairvoyant faculties, and tends to make the native a distinct and unique character, especially in mental expression. This position denotes some strange experiences with or through relatives ; sudden and unexpected journeys; travels for adventure and new discoveries. When in aspect with Neptune, especially if afflicted these tendencies are accentuated.