Venus in various signs.

Venus transit to be witnessed by North and Central America on June 5

Washington, May 30 (ANI): People in most of Hawaii, Alaska, Australia, the western Pacific, and eastern Asia will be able to see the planet Venus cross in front of the Sun, which will last 6 hours 40 minutes on 5th June.

Venus in Cancer - Read about the significance of having Venus in Cancer in your birth chart at - Find out how having natal Venus in Cancer alters the energies in your chart at

Venus Aspects Moon - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In conjunction or good aspect, it is very favourable for all matters signified by the second, fourth, and eleventh houses; for money and possessions; for money through a parent or parents (probably from mother); for money through things of the third and eleventh houses; for money through houses, land and fruits of the earth.

Venus Aspects Mercury - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspects or conjunction, this is fortune for money, property and possessions; and these (to put briefly) may be obtained through any of the activities of the third or sixth houses. In a secondary degree money may be obtained through pleasure, luxury, the theatre, singing, and through sources of the fifth house generally.

Venus Aspects Sun - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In conjunction, the native is a very warm-hearted lover and a general favourite with the opposite sex; he or she probably falls in love 'at first sight,' and usually the marriage is one of affection. Such people seldom remain single; they seem almost invariably to marry, no matter how bad the afflictions may be in other parts of the horoscope.

Venus in the Tenth House

Venus in the tenth house denotes success in life and high moral stamina. It favours artistic or musical pursuits and gives general prosperity, also the favour and good esteem of exalted persons. Native has merit and ability, is generally very well disposed and succeeds through possessing a pleasant and agreeable manner. If in tine or sextile aspect with Jupiter the native will have some social distinction, or good reputation with great financial success at some period of life.

Venus in the Third House

Venus in the third house is very favourable, giving much love of art and refined literature, poetry, music, painting and all the higher attributes of the mind and mental faculties. The mental qualifications are of the highest, making the mind bright, hopeful, peaceful and harmonious. When Venus is in good aspect to the Moon or in conjunction with Mercury this position considerably modifies an otherwise adverse horoscope, for the mind is naturally inclined to be pure and free from vice or evil intent.

Venus in the Twelfth House

Venus in the twelfth house inclines to romance, and denotes obscure or clandestine love affairs. The native will be involved in a strong attachment, which will escape the notice of others unless the planet Venus is afflicted by Mars or the Moon ; if well aspected, a fortunate love affair will lend interest to the native's life.

Venus in the Sixth House

Venus in the sixth house is very favourable for health if not seriously afflicted. The health is liable to be affected through excess of any kind, especially pleasure. If temperance is observed, especially after marriage, the health will be good and little trouble will be experienced in this direction. Should the native fall ill he will be carefully nursed, and may gain in several ways indirectly through his sickness. This position denotes gain through servants, and brings pleasure and happiness through them. It makes work a pleasure, or rather many cases pleasure becomes work.

Venus in the Fourth House

Venus in the fourth denotes a peaceful end to the life amid comfort, and successful achievement to hopes and wishes. It promises gain by inheritance, concord and happiness from parents, and a satisfactory home life. This is a very favourable position for all affairs of a domestic nature, and is a sure token of a good finish at the close of life. If afflicted it is not so very disastrous, except that it affects finance and denotes grief and sorrow at the close of life when in a sign that is not congenial to the nature of Venus.

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