Venus in the Tenth House


Here's what Venus in the tenth house signifies:

Venus in the tenth house denotes success in life and high moral stamina. It favours artistic or musical pursuits and gives general prosperity, also the favour and good esteem of exalted persons. Native has merit and ability, is generally very well disposed and succeeds through possessing a pleasant and agreeable manner. If in tine or sextile aspect with Jupiter the native will have some social distinction, or good reputation with great financial success at some period of life. If afflicted, the influence of Venus is not materially affected but there is a lack of opportunity to express ability. The adverse aspects of the Moon are not favourable to Venus, and they affect this benefic planet more unfavourably than the aspects of the planets, but On the other hand the favourable aspects of the Moon to Venus are particularly good. This position favours marriage, money and friendships, also those occupations, arts or businesses where the needs of women are catered for, such as milliner, modiste, fancy confectioner, etc.