Gifts for Virgo Women


As the sixth sign of the Zodiac, Virgo includes all those born from 23rd of August to 23rd of September. A desire for perfection marks the Virgo personality as well as the dynamics of their personal relationships and this is what you should keep in mind when choosing gifts for Virgo women.

Space organizers

The Virgo woman lives by the rule 'A place for everything and everything in its place'. Just like they strive towards clarity and perfection in their lives, so too they prefer personal spaces to be neat and well-organized. To them an unkempt and untidy space reflects chaos and disorder in the inner life of the person which is exactly what the Virgo woman abhors. So when choosing a gift for a woman of this zodiac, you would rarely go wrong with things that help her to organize and tidy up personal spaces, whether at her home or her workplace. Look for desk organizers that come with multiple flaps to store various kinds of writing accessories or stylish cabinets for the kitchen or bedroom where she can put away her household or personal stuff. If you wish to gift something more personal, you can think about a small, carved, wooden, antique jewelry box for her to store her jewelry or a gift of a set of designer luggage to hold her clothes for a vacation trip combined with tapes to learn the new language of the country.  Anything that reduces clutter and keeps spaces neat and well-organized will be welcome for this meticulous personality.

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Time schedulers

The same drive towards organization is seen in the Virgo woman’s time management skills as well. These people prefer to plan their duties and activities down to the last detail so that there is no confusion in the day or worse, clash in commitments – a Virgo takes her responsibilities very seriously and it would appall her to find out that she has failed to deliver because of chaotic scheduling. Thus a great gift for hard-working conscientious Virgo women would be a Personal Digital Assistant which among other things would help them keep track of appointments and manage their social and professional contacts. Digital calendars or a leather bound daily planner would be other gift options on this theme. Apart from helping their days to be organized, such gifts would also satisfy the detail-oriented personality of the Virgo woman. This zodiac is known for a meticulous nature – instead of doing something in a slapdash manner, they go into the heart of every issue or task and examine it with minute detail which is why day planners and schedulers would help them to plan out their days down to the last minute.

Practicality rules

The element associated with Virgos is the Earth and this is keeping with their grounded natures. A Virgo woman is thus be practical and concerned with activities which have a tangible outcome; likewise she will prefer gifts which are useful in daily living. The airy brilliance of Gemini’s love talk or the product of a Piscean’s flowing creativity is unlikely to impress her as much as gifts which serve a practical purpose. So explore the range of household appliances like dishwashers, blenders, dryers and no-fuss cookware to choose something that she needs. Better still present her with a gift certificate or a discount coupon for the store that she patronizes most – this might take care of a fortnight or a month of her groceries and she will be happy to save all that money. A Virgo woman living on her own would appreciate gifts in the form of repair or home-improvement services that take care of niggling plumbing or wiring issues. Alternately you can also gift her a set of common tools accompanied by a DVD on how to use them. While such gifts may not really seem very romantic, practicality rules when it comes to a Virgo.

All about money

You can take a Virgo woman’s concern with things of material value even further by gifting her stocks, bonds or other fiscal certificates on important occasions. This not only satisfies the practical aspect of the Virgo personality – since she can use the money as she wants – but also helps her to invest or save for a rainy day – a motivation which is quite important for this zodiac. On the other hand if such gift ideas seem to materialistic for your tastes, you can gift your Virgo woman a stylish ladies’ wallet with enough flaps for her credit and debit cards or maybe a handbag made of the finest leather and carrying the insignia of a famous label. Then again a gift card to the right place combines practicality with a personal touch; so look for a gift card to her favorite coffee yoga studio, restaurant or clothing store and she will be pleased at both your gift as well as the thought behind it.

Things to pamper her with

One of the consequences of a meticulous and perfectionist nature is that Virgo women tend to work too hard and take too much upon themselves. It is not uncommon to find workaholics among the ranks of Virgos and your girlfriend too may be one of them. So for the next special occasion in her life, how about putting together a gift basket for your Virgo woman with things that will help her to relax. You can include scented soaps, gels and bath salts in fragrances such as jasmine, lavender and chamomile which are known for their soothing effect. To raise the indulgence quotient, Include luxurious thick towels and a robe along with candles in fruit scents of lemon, orange or apple all of which will help to make this a spa-like experience. Alternately you can appeal to her practical side as well and gift her with prepaid manicures and pedicures at her favorite salon or gift certificates for facials, weekly massages at the best spa in town. Since Virgos are particularly conscious about their health, it may also be a good idea to gift your woman with a gym membership or subscription to a health magazine.