The Virgo Child - Characteristics of Virgo Children


Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac and includes all those born from 23rd of August to 23rd of September. A knack for organization and desire for perfection marks the Virgo personality which is evident even in the little ones. Here are a few tips on bringing up a Virgo child.

Little helpful angels

The chief delight in bringing up a Virgo child comes from being at the receiving end of their helpful natures. Virgos are ever ready to pitch in a project especially if it means being of help to others. This comes as a boon for busy parents and working moms who can always count of their Virgo kids to help with the chores around the house or clean up a sibling’s room. Perhaps this is because a Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury who in classical Roman mythology was the extremely busy messenger of gods, racing against time to deliver missives from one divine being to another. However at times little Virgos can go overboard with their tendency to selfless service which is when they can seem a tad insistent and overbearing in their desire to do something for someone but especially to do it in the way that they see right.

Lively enquiring minds

Virgo children tend to have active curious minds, keen to know and study about everything around them. This is the first expression of the mental dedication that they will bring later to their professional and social commitments as adults. As the parent of a Virgo child, you can provide him or her with books, learning tools and plenty of positive feedback and praise. Virgo children seem to be particularly good at learning new languages even though this verbal facility is different from a Gemini’s who chiefly uses words to acquire information and gain leverage. Another characteristic of Virgo kids is their practical, grounded natures which is perhaps due to the fact that the element associated with Virgos is the Earth. Not for them the fiery brilliance of an Aries or the flowing imagination of a Piscean. Virgo children instead of playing at make-believe or hopping from one activity to another will take up one task at a time but one which will have a tangible outcome. Armed with a sensible nature and discriminating eye, they are usually attracted to ventures which can be taken to a logical conclusion.

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The devil is in the details

The meticulous nature that makes Virgo employees such a delight to their bosses expresses itself early on. You might find your Virgo child happily putting together elaborate jigsaw puzzles or a slightly older kid engrossed for hours in building complicated airplane models. These kids like adults of their Zodiac go into the heart of every issue or task and examine it with minute detail. Together with this trait goes a love for organization. You will rarely see a Virgo kid with a messy room or an overflowing closet. Ensure that your child has his/her own personal space which they can organize and keep free from clutter especially if they are sharing a room with a sibling. Being surrounded by this kind of beauty is important for a Virgo child. The downside of this meticulous nature is that hides a potential for churning out workaholic personalities. If not brought up with a sense of balance between work and leisure, your Virgo child might forever be putting their professional commitments ahead of other things in life. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a maxim which comes dangerously close to a Virgo child like no other. So as a parent, you need to ensure that along with studies and goal-oriented activities, your little Virgo spends enough time outdoors simply throwing a ball or enjoying herself on a swing. Once they learn to have a healthy balance between work and recreation, they are well set to become productive, empathetic and fulfilled individuals.

Aim for perfectionism

Virgos are noted for their desire for perfectionism, perhaps only to be expected in personalities that are naturally meticulous and prefer to have everything organized around them. Though most noticeable in adults, you can see the striving for perfectionism even if young Virgos. There may be instances when you trust your Virgo kid with a chore before leaving to pick up groceries and return to find them still at it, determined to do a perfect job. While this kind of industriousness and dedication to a task at hand is worth complimenting, see that your child does overdo it. Virgos, kids and adults, seem to pick up the notion that in order to be loved, they need to be perfect. Unlike Leo or Aries kids, they do not take their parents’ love as a given. So make sure your Virgo child knows that if they fail once in awhile or if they are not the best of the best, that you still love them for who they are on the inside, not for how well they perform their jobs. Without dismissing their natural talents for hard work and meticulousness, let them know that you would love them even if they were not perfect at everything and at all times.

Feeling blue

Some Virgos tend to acquire a hypochondriac trait over time. This is probably another unhappy outcome of their desire to be physically perfect and perhaps it also gives them an excuse not to have to be at peak performance levels all the time. In order to prevent your little Virgo from falling into this quandary make sure that they know how to relax and enjoy without feeling guilty. One of the greatest gifts you can give to your Virgo child is the freedom to laugh. Get them to loosen up and laugh at themselves once in awhile. Virgos especially kids have a naturally playful spirit and by helping them to tap into this, then can learn to laugh at the niggling problems in life and consequently shrug away a lot of negative feelings which have the potential to build up as stress. Be sure to tell your Virgo son or daughter how funny they are and how much you love to see them happy and laughing. This will not only make them more light-hearted but also prevent them from growing up too quickly into serious, miniature adults.