The Virgo Boss - Traits and Characteristics


The zodiac sign of the Virgo or the Virgin includes those born between 23rd August and 23rd September. The drive for perfectionism and a practical bent of mind marks the Virgo character – qualities which you better get used to when working for a Virgo boss.

A perfectionist par excellence

The Virgo, whether man or woman, is legendary for their pursuit of perfectionism. There is nothing shoddy or half-hearted about what a Virgo does. A believer in the maxim that what is worth doing is worth doing well, he/she is often exacting and uncompromising in his high standards. If your boss drives everyone nuts checking and rechecking the final presentation before the client meeting or sending back the proof a hundred times till satisfied about the final layout, chances are that he/she is a Virgo. And it is this quality which makes the senior management hand over the biggest and most complicated projects to your Virgo boss since they are assured that if anyone can get the job done in time and done well, it is him/her. While such a personality may have owed their rise to the top to their inherent search for the optimum, the flipside of this kind of perfectionism is that they will demand the same level of excellence from you. While working for a Virgo boss, you have little hope of getting away with shoddy work or a lame promise that you will add the finishing touches to the window display later. A Virgo boss can only be pleased when the final result is without a flaw and is as close to perfect as anyone other than them can come up with.

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Concern with details

Yet another aspect of the Virgo’s perfectionism is their meticulous attention to details. While an Aries boss would have motivated a team with his/her energy and them left them to carry on, you can trust a Virgo chief to go into the smallest detail of your proposal or personally check the financial minutiae which again a Leo boss would have been more than happy to leave it to the auditors. It is this fastidiousness which makes it even more difficult to match your boss’s standards but once you get the hang of the way he/she works, you will find it easier if you can get the job right the first time.

A critical nature

The desire for perfectionism which informs practically every aspect of a Virgo’s life including his/her professional also makes them rather critical in nature. They will assess the presentation or write-up you have slaved over for three days and still come up with a hundred points for correction. The keen hawk-like eye of a Virgo boss is unlikely ever to pass over a mistake or even a chance to point out that mistake - no matter how innocuous. This bent for zeroing in on flaws might make working for a Virgo boss sometimes difficult when it may seem that no matter how hard you try, you can never really please him/her. At such times it would help to remember that the Virgo’s penchant for criticism is never motivated by malice or a mean desire to put someone down. Because a Virgo lives by his/her own exacting standards, he/she expects others especially those working for them to work by them as well. And when you come to think of it, it never hurts to work according to the highest standards especially when you are in profession like surgery or aviation where there is little room for error.

A desire to help

What softens and more than redeems a Virgo’s strict perfectionist nature is their innate desire to help others. So while a Virgo boss may have asked for some corrections in your projects for the nth time, chances are that he/she will send you enough research material or even stay back after the others have left to offer a helping hand. This tendency to help need not be restricted to professional matters –  if you happen to have missed the pool car, your Virgo boss may surprise you with an offer of a lift back home or even let you use his/her personal scanner in case you need some documents urgently and the office copier is out of action. If working for a Virgo boss for a length of time, you will have several opportunities of discovering their innate helpful natures.

Bent for the practical

If you want to be noticed by your Virgo boss, try to come up with ideas that are practical and aimed at a tangible result. The perfectionist nature of a Virgo is not so much inspired by idealistic notions of beauty and form as by a realistic sense of the importance of a job getting done in the right way. Arguments about your instinct for a plan’s success or the value of experimental idea are unlikely to cut much ice with a Virgo boss unless you can show him/her the practical and material advantages that can be reaped by following your idea. This grounded nature of Virgos is probably a consequence of the earth element with which they are associated. However unlike a Taurus who bears a fixed earth sign and is thus resistant to change, the mutable quality of a Virgo makes them welcoming of new ideas and projects, provided they are practical and can be taken to a materially successful end.

Despite their drive for perfectionism and their critical eye, on the whole it is comfortable to be around a Virgo boss because of their sedate and easy-going temperament. They are usually modest in their appearance, professional behavior and inter-personal dealings. And for an employee who has suffered the worst of a Leo’s megalomania or a Taurus’s bossiness, it is a relief to bask in the soothing rays of a moderate and temperate Virgo nature. At the same time, some Virgos are quite surprisingly insecure inside and so you may need to assure your boss of your allegiance and fidelity from time to time.