Virgo - characteristics and profile of the Virgo man, woman, child and baby


Virgo (August 24 to September 23). Common sense, intelligence, precision and an insistence on 'doing it right' are the outstanding characteristics of the pure Virgo. There is an emphasis on technique which makes the Virgoan approach to life almost chilling in its efficiency. Even in their sex lives Virgoans are notable for their attempts at clinical perfection of their techniques. The Virgoan love of order extends into almost every aspect of life: a holiday is planned, almost hour by hour, long before it has begun; a Virgoan in hislher twenties enters into complex saving schemes which will ensure a prosperous retirement; a Virgoan home-owner will ensure that everything is in its right place.

Even in childhood Virgoans tend to behave in an ordered way. They are the "pupils whose exercise books are a model of neatness, who like the dull routine of school life and the pattern of rules and discipline, and are described as being 'no trouble at all'. At home they are equally neat and ordered - a Virgoan child never has to be told to tidy his or her room.

At its worst, the qualities with which the pure Virgoan is endowed lead to a certain 'dryness' - he or she begins to take on some of the characteristics of a well-programmed computer. If, on the other hand, the Virgoan can retain tolerance for the foibles and fecklessness of others, he/she can use the Virgoan capacity for imposing order on chaos to the advantage of friends, partners, and workmates, and become both popular and prosperous in the process. Virgoan personalities have included Albert the Good, the tiresomely virtuous husband of Queen Victoria; the writers Charlotte Bronte and D. H. Lawrence; and the comedian Peter Sellers.


Sexuality and the Emotions
Pure Virgoans find it almost impossible to let themselves go fully. They keep a tight rein on their own emotions and, if possible, those of their associates. This is not because they don't have strong feelings, but because they fear them - if emotional guards are let down, there is a risk that the unplanned and the unpredictable may manifest themselves in Virgoan life. In a certain sense Virgoans are right to do so, for there is nothing less controllable than the passions of a Virgo who gives full vent to them. In a long-term relationship pure Virgos are rarely happy with partners who neither possess their own perfectionist outlook on life and its problems nor are prepared to let the Virgo partner make all the rules. If, however, they find partners who are prepared to accept their own exacting standards, Virgoans are affectionate, loyal and supportive.

General Characteristics
With Virgo's energy and foresight goes a concentration upon detail - even the smallest and least significant aspect of a planned event is usually taken into account by a Virgoan. This frequently means that the Virgoan moves smoothly forward along his or her chosen path through life - neither literally nor metaphorically is the Virgoan likely to go on a camping trip without carefully packing both a corkscrew and a tin-opener. It is possible, however, for Virgoans to become so obsessed with detail that they stop seeing the broad picture - to go camping, so to speak, with two corkscrews, but to pitch their tents in a spot liable to flooding.

The sort of over-precise Virgoan who does this, who becomes almost obsessive in hislher concentration upon detail, is rarely able to relax and becomes nervous and edgy. This seems to increase the obsession with detail and, at worst, the Virgoan becomes trapped in a vicious circle in which he/she expends more and more energy on unimportant matters and less and less on things of real importance. This applies in only a minority of cases; most Virgos manage to keep their obsessions under control, to relax occasionally and to be considered delightful- if fussypeople.

Provided that they can manage to see life and career as a whole, without excessive concentration on unimportant minutiae, Virgoans are successful and happy in almost any sort of work and can live with equal ease in city, suburbia or countryside. What they cannot stand is mess and muddle: they like to work in a systematic way to a carefully planned routine. If they are allowed to do this, they are not only happy themselves, they make others happy by providing a stabilizing influence in both the home and the workplace. Work and routine home life are rarely quite enough for the pure Virgoan, who is a great hobbyist. Virgoan elements are usually a strong feature of the horoscopes of philatelists, print collectors and other dedicated amateurs. Sometimes this interest in hobbies takes the form of a concern with unusual dietary theories, alternative medicine, and so on; many Virgoans display a more than ordinary interest in their own physical health and that of others.

Excerpted from 'The Complete Fortune Teller' by Francis X King.