How to Get Your Virgo Man Back


The Virgo man is sensible and pragmatic in every way. He is meticulous in his personal appearance and in keeping up with his housework. He is organized and systematic. He's always looking for more efficient ways to accomplish tasks and be more productive. The Virgo man is incredibly smart and analytical. He's not one to make grand sweeping gestures of romance, but prefers practical and affordable dates. He's not the type of man to bring you bouquets of flowers. He views these as silly and overpriced. But he will be the type of man to bring you useful gifts, and he makes for a sensible and secure partner.

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If you've had a falling out with your Virgo man, perhaps it is because the Virgo man doesn't approach romance in the same impulsive and whimsical way as some of the other sun signs. If you take the time to learn more about what makes Virgo tick, you'll see that, while his love may not be as loud and expressive as that of Leo or Aries, the Virgo man is one of the most hard-working, diligent, and dependable signs in the zodiac. You will never have to worry about your Virgo man being unfaithful or running off to Vegas and blowing his paycheck on a whim. The Virgo man makes a steadfast and trustworthy partner that you can always count on. Let's talk about some of the ways that you can work with the Virgo man's qualities, as you work to patch up your fractured relationship.

Keep a clean house

Nothing will vex a Virgo man more than a messy home. If you're trying to win your Virgo man back, you will have to make sure that he feels comfortable around you, and that's not going to happen if your sink is overflowing with dishes or your couch is buried under a pile of laundry. Don't mistake this as old-fashioned. It's not a male-female thing. Virgo men are perfectly willing to help with the housework. His perfectionist nature won't allow him to sit by and let someone else do all of the cleaning. But the relationship is unlikely to work out if you don't care about keeping a spotless home as much (or at least almost as much) as he does.

Be smart with your money

The Virgo man won't be able to abide a partner who is careless with their money. Virgo is thrifty and always looking for value over luxury. If you're the type of woman who enjoys buying fancy four-dollar coffee beverages, complete with whipped cream and sprinkles, then you may have some trouble connecting with the Virgo man. He won't hesitate to tell you that it makes more sense to make a pot of coffee at home and (if you must) use some whipped cream from the grocery store. The upside here is that you're sure to pick up some of his thrifty habits, and with the Virgo man as a partner, you're likely to always have a nest egg in place, and financial security need not be a worry. With a healthy balance always in this man's savings account, you'll have money to splurge on the important things, such as a romantic honeymoon. Just don't be surprised when he tries to convince you that Cleveland is more practical than the Caribbean. You could think of him as cheap, but for those who understand the Virgo man, they would call this pragmatic. It isn't that he doesn't want to spend money to woo you, it's just that he wants to make sure the two of you always have funds to fall back on. His concern for financial stability is all a part of the way the ever practical Virgo man exhibits his love.

Be patient

Much like the Taurus man, the Virgo man will take his time choosing a partner. His sensible nature will likely make him resistant to giving a failed relationship a second chance. The Virgo man is not nostalgic or sentimental. He is nothing like the Cancer man who will look at the past through notably rose-colored glasses. The Virgo man will remember the past with great accuracy. He won't remember only the good times, but the bad ones as well. If he has agreed to give your relationship a second try, treasure this for the rarity that it is, and be aware that he will probably remain distant and standoffish for quite some time. In matters of romance, the Virgo man uses his head first, and then eventually when he is sure the relationship makes logical sense, he will allow his heart to follow. Don't be hurt by his reticence, rather have respect for his process. When he chooses you, you can be assured that he is using both his head and his heart.

Be understanding and receptive to criticism

If you have a thin skin, or you're overly sensitive, you're going to have a tough time making it work with a Virgo man. For those who don't understand the Virgo man's unique love language, he can seem cruel, nit-picking, or far too focused on finding faults in his partners. The truth is that this is how Virgo shows you that he cares. He turns this very same critical eye in on himself and he is always working at self-improvement. In his perspective, the best way to show his love is to help you become a better person. When he tells you that your purse is disorganized, and suggests cleaning it out, so that you can find your wallet faster, he isn't trying to upset you. He really thinks he is being useful to you, and if you take the time to be objective about it, you will probably find that his feedback is quite helpful. The Virgo man is great at sorting through information and coming up with solutions. He's like a human super-computer, specifically programmed to cut down on wasted time and inefficiencies. Try letting him help you out. Consider the feedback he gives you. If you're open to it, the Virgo man is likely to give you lots of practical tips to improve your productivity and your life.

Don't expect him to be the life of the party

If you're hoping for a social butterfly or a man to dance the night away, then you might be more suited to a Gemini or Leo man. The Virgo man is reserved and modest. He won't want to talk about himself or be the center of attention. He's not nearly as quiet and closed-off as the Cancer man, but you still can't expect him to spend every Saturday night mingling at parties. He also isn't going to want to open up to you and spill out all of his innermost feelings. The Virgo man is humble and precise. He would much rather enjoy a cozy evening at home, just the two of you, or have a small group of friends over for a dinner party. He'll do just as much listening as he does talking. He will prefer to spend some time pontificating, in his usual pedantic manner, but when he's done expressing his point, he'll want to ease back onto the sidelines and let someone else take the spotlight. He is great at both talking and listening, and he maintains a healthy balance between the two. If you can adjust to his measured and careful style of communication, you'll rarely find a better conversation partner. The Virgo man has great mental agility and can analyze many different concepts, both concrete and abstract, with impressive expedience.