How to Attract and Seduce a Virgo Woman


The Virgo woman can seem critical and nit-picking at first glance, but those who know her well understand that this is just her way of showing that she cares. Virgo is a perfectionist after all, and helping the people that she cares about to improve themselves is her way of trying to be helpful. The Virgo woman is modest, unassuming, and sensible, but she can also be standoffish and highly-strung. These traits are only a symptom of her carefulness and the high standards that she sets, both for herself, and for all of the other people in her life.

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Let's talk about some of the ways that you can attract and seduce the meticulous and discerning Virgo woman.

Dress neatly and practice impeccable hygiene

The Virgo woman can be a bit fussy and fastidious, and this is especially true in matters of personal grooming. The Virgo woman will never look twice at a man if his shirt is only half tucked into his pants, or he is sporting slovenly stubble because he didn't shave that morning. Comb your hair, triple-check that all components of your outfit match, and iron everything before you put it on. If you want the Virgo woman to seriously consider you as a potential match, then you'll have to be looking your best.

Be receptive and gracious when she gives you criticism

The Virgo woman will give you a lot of criticism. She is detailed and diligent in her fault-finding. You will need to understand, early on in your courtship, that this habit of hers is never meant to belittle you or make you feel badly. This is just her unique love language. When she says to you, “You know, you would really be more productive if you woke up earlier and got in a bit of exercise before work,” what she is really saying is, “I love you and I want to help you be healthier and get more done. I want to help you be successful, because I want you to be happy”. The Virgo woman is a master of productivity and efficiency. There is no better partner to help guide you towards success. She will be just as focused on your improvement as she is on her own. If you can take her feedback in stride, you might just find that she's the best motivation you've ever had!

Come prepared with stimulating conversation

The Virgo woman is very intelligent and adept at handling large amounts of information, and discerning what is useful and what isn't. The Virgo woman highly values communication. She will most enjoy dating men who can keep up with her mental agility. Come ready to talk about everything from politics to philosophy. The Virgo woman is likely to be well-read, and she'll retain most of what she reads, so you might want to crack a book or two in preparation.

Always be on time

You'll lose a ton of points with the Virgo woman for showing up late for a date. The Virgo woman is always punctual, and she'll expect her dates to adhere to the same good manners that she does. Speaking of manners...

Practice good etiquette and be conservative in your advances towards her

There is a reason why Virgo is characterized by the figure of the Virgin. The Virgo woman will be reserved and cool at the beginning of your courtship. Don't try to kiss her or show any kind of physical affection right away. Read her cues and body language to get a better idea of whether or not she is ready for you to make a move, but chances are high that you won't be ending the night with a kiss, at least not on the first date. The Virgo woman tends to be more traditional and is likely to want to take things slowly. In addition to proper date etiquette, she will expect you to show proper etiquette in all other ways, such as holding the door open for little old ladies who pass by, and thanking the waiter for bringing over a bottle of wine. Poor manners will embarrass her. Be sure to call her the next day and tell her what a lovely time you had. Don't wait too long to ask her out again. Whatever you do, don't even think about texting her in the middle of the night, as far too many a modern man are apt to do. You'll need to treat her like the lady she is.

Keep your bachelor pad neat and tidy when you invite her over

Much like the Taurus woman, the Virgo woman detests disorder.  The Virgo woman keeps her home organized and clean. A man who does the same will be one who appeals to her.

Try to follow a pattern or routine in your courtship

The sign of Virgo lies in the astrological house of routine. The Virgo woman loves routine and structure. If the two of you hit it off, and she starts accepting more and more dates from you, see if you can steer your dating ritual into some kind of organized routine. Maybe you can take her out the same night every week, or bring her to the same place for dinner. The Virgo woman will appreciate the consistency.

Take her to the theater or to the movies

The Virgo woman is a natural critic. She can be a bit judgmental, but she also has great taste, and is adept at puzzling out what works and what doesn't. If you take her to a movie or to a production of a play or musical, she's sure to have a wonderful time.