How to look beautiful for a guy?

For decades feminists have shouted hoarse about how men and popular culture control women by manipulating the idea of what defines ‘beautiful’. No matter how unfair that is, fact remains that first impressions matter a lot in almost every sphere of life, including dating and relationships. So when you want to put your best foot or in this case best feature forward for a man, here are few things to keep in mind.

Be objective about your looks

The first step is to rate yourself objectively in the looks department. Stand in front of a mirror in a well-lighted area and run a critical eye over yourself. This will do two things – one tell you about your positive features which you can play up and the other help you to notice your drawbacks which you would need to play down. If you find yourself unable to be objective about your own appearance, choose a friend whose judgment you trust and who has a balanced way of putting things in words. However If you are really serious about looking good for a particular guy, then the best course would be to ask a professional cosmetologist, aesthetician or a personal stylist. Though expensive, these people are in the business of appearances and thus they would be able to pin point or take into account several aspects in the looks department of which you may be completely unaware or have only a diffuse idea.

Take care of the basics

Instead of merely depending on externals like makeup and dress to look beautiful, try to take care of the basics like your skin and hair. For the former, follow the basic cleansing and moisturizing routine that you have done so far and if you haven’t, better start now. Also remember to exfoliate your skin regularly and if possible, apply a heavier cream at night so that your skin has enough moisture to go about its regenerative process. Apply a sunscreen if you have to go out since the UV rays in sunlight are one of the primary causes of skin damage over the years. To improve the quality of your hair, subject it to as little damage as possible, especially in the form of frequent styling like perming, straightening, highlighting, curling or braiding. Continue to use a mild shampoo to wash your hair and try to go for weekly warm oil massages to increase blood circulation to the roots of the hair follicles. Improved blood supply will carry more nutrients beneficial for hair growth and this way minimize the effects of aging on hair. You can use hair color to hide the grays but while going about it, don’t forget to follow it up with a deep conditioning so that the damage done to the hair cuticle by chemicals is repaired to some extent. Once you are able to improve the quality of your skin and hair with regular care, you will start looking beautiful at all times, including when you have to meet your date.

Learn how to use makeup

Though glowing skin and hair are the best accessories to beauty, they cannot be achieved overnight. And while you are at it, there is always makeup to give that extra edge to what nature has endowed you with. However don’t experiment with makeup on the very day that you want to look your best for your guy. Learn how to use it beforehand and you can do this by picking up tips from reputed magazines, websites or from your personal stylist. Foundation, eye-liners, blush, mascara and lipstick are some of the essentials that you might get used to. Then there are items like concealers, glitter, fake eyelashes or bronzers to give you that extra special touch. Indeed today there are so many makeup products on the shelves and with so many confusing functions that it is best to ask a well-informed friend or better still a professional about what you can use and how so that you look your best.

Highlight your best features

Any personal stylist worth his/her salt will tell you that the art of looking good lies in hiding your worst features and showing off your best. For instance if your skin makes you far from happy, take the help of a skin specialist in improve its texture but at the same time avoid using bright makeup which might draw attention to your acne. On the other hand, style your hair to bring out the full glory of your shining tresses or wear well-cut clothes to compliment your well-toned body. This approach involves keeping your flaws in the background while shining the spotlight on your gifts so that the ultimate impression is of an attractive personality.

Strike the right balance

Decide from the outset whether you want to look beautiful for your man or outright sexy. If it is really the former, then it would be a better idea to avoid dresses which are too revealing. Rather go for fabrics and lines that exude a sensual appeal but don’t show too much skin. You can even play around with layers and drapes to give a dreamy, romantic look to your appearance. Even if you are aiming to look hot, this approach will work better that to turn up in a dress that leaves nothing to the imagination. After all you want to look like the woman of his dreams for your partner and not a hooker.

Adapt your personal style

Many women tend to hold on to a personal style which worked for them in the past thinking that this will make them look like they did when they were younger. However styles continue to change and it makes much more sense to adapt your personal style according to the fabrics, colors and designs that are in vogue now. Though this does not only mean that you blindly copy whatever the models in their teens are wearing; in fact a good thumb rule is to pick out one or two styles in apparel or accessories that are in fashion at present so that on one hand you are able to dress according to your body type and age but at the same time appear to be keeping up with the times, thus making you look both attractive and younger than you are.

Finally ensure that you follow a healthy lifestyle like having a well-balanced diet, working out and avoiding habits like smoking or too much alcohol. Also get enough sleep and avoid stress which is one of main causes that make people look haggard and exhausted. and above all don’t step out without that essential accessory to beauty – a dazzling smile. Once you are healthy and happy from within, in both body and mind, you will naturally look attractive and draw people towards you.