10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Appearance - for Women

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with perfect looks. And yet the good news is that with a little investment of time and effort on a daily basis, it is possible to look better than how you do now.  So here are ten simple ways for women to improve their appearance and to give their self-esteem a boost in the process.

Drink it up

Dehydration is one of the biggest reasons why people look and feel worn out. Continuous loss of water over the day not only saps your energy but also gives you an exhausted appearance which is hardly attractive. So make it a habit to drink more water than you normally do. However you need not stick to the “eight glasses a day rule” since you can expect to get around four to five glasses of water in your system from your meals. Being well-hydrated will help you to have a clearer skin and healthier hair besides making you feel more energetic.

Follow the basics

Very often improving appearances are not about giving in to expensive cosmetic procedures but following the basic rules of personal hygiene. Brush and flossing your teeth as recommended by your dentist is not only crucial for good dental health but is a must if you want to have a pretty smile. Likewise the implications of other basic habits like taking a shower and changing clothes at least once a day, cleaning ears, scrubbing feet and filing nails go much beyond keeping you healthy and are actually essential to a fresh and attractive appearance.

Get enough sleep

Lack of adequate sleep is one of the foremost reasons why people begin to reveal signs of aging much before they are expected to do. The body does most of its regenerative work when the person is asleep and hence the less sleep you get, the lesser time your skin tissues have of restoring themselves. Even though the exact amount of sleep a person needs may vary according to age and lifestyle, usually seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep at night are recommended to look and feel good the next day.


Eat healthy

Just like adequate sleep, there is no substitute for eating healthy if you want to look your best in the long run. More and more nutritionists these days emphasize the importance of including fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains in your normal diet. At the same time, take as little you can of refined, processed and artificial sugars and foods. This is not to say that you have to be on a strict diet all the time and completely let go of your favorite snacks or desserts. On the contrary the habit of eating healthy most of the times and occasional indulgences can help you to avoid a Spartan diet entirely.

Get moving

The benefits of regular exercise once again go far beyond good health and a strong immune system. A vigorous work out in fact immediately revs up the circulatory system of the body, lending a glowing and youthful appearance to your skin and hair. The necessity of a physical exercise in order to stay in shape cannot be overemphasized. So if you want to shed those few extra pounds and attain a svelte figure, there is no substitute for exercise. However to go about this, you need out purchase expensive equipment or even shell out huge gym membership fees. Simple jogging, running or brisk-walking every day for ten minutes or more is usually enough to obtain most of the health benefits of exercise but you could also include sit-ups, crunches, side-crunches and push-ups to work on specific areas of your body.

Focus on your best features

Every individual is born with certain attractive physical features. The challenge is to discover them and make the best out of them so as to improve your overall appearance. For instance it could be your thick mane of hair, a smooth skin or a slender neck. If it is the first, make sure you keep your hair clean and well conditioned to give it a shiny and silky look. Also go for a cut which will suit the shape of your face and style it so that it hides perhaps misshaped ears or a scar on the neck. Again if you are proud of your almond-shaped eyes, define them clearly and use eye make-up which will highlight your peepers and take attention away from, say, your narrow lips. The main thing thus is to emphasize any feature which you think is a plus in a way that draws attention to that aspect and away from the less flattering ones.

Hide your flaws

This is intrinsically related to the earlier point and yet important in its own right simply because the average-looking person is born with fewer physical pluses than the minuses. So if you are constantly bemoaning your thinning hair, apart from styling it to give it volume, avoid shiny or colorful hair accessories which will draw attention to your hair. Similarly if you have the beginnings of a double chin, go for dresses with striking necklines like a deep V which will pull the gaze away from your double chin to the neckline. Again there are cosmetics like concealers which can minimize the impact of under-eye dark circles or a minor scar.

Be mindful of extra hair

For women one of the essentials of personal grooming is to get rid of unwanted hair on the upper lip, side burns, arms and legs but especially the arm pits. What you do with on the bikini area is of course your call, but even if you don’t want to go through waxing sessions, trimming all extra hair is a good idea, both from hygienic as well as cosmetic points of view.

Adopt a good posture

How you look depends a lot on how you are holding yourself. So whether you are standing or sitting, refrain from slouching or leaning onto one side. A straight posture imparts a look of confidence and self-assurance which is always attractive. This is not to say you need to be ‘on attention’ even on social occasions but learning to keep your back straight even while sitting works wonders for your posture.

Always Smile

There is really no substitute for a true, bright smile. It lightens up your appearance like nothing else and is sure to melt the heart of the onlooker. And beauty as they lies most certainly in the eyes of the beholder.