10 Habits that Improve Your Appearance

Appearances matter a lot - especially in these times when people are too rushed to get to know a person from within, whether for forging professional, social or personal relationships. How you look can make or break a business deal or a prospective date for you. And while not all of us are born with smashing looks or a wow figure, there are certain habits which can go a long way in making the best of what you have. Here are ten habits that are sure to improve your appearance and as a bonus, help you remain healthy.

  1. Eat Right

    An essential part of your appearance is your skin and anything that keeps it healthy is bound to improve your overall appearance. As one of the major organs of the human body, the skin too needs the right kind of nutrition to stay healthy. Nutritionists recommend that you include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, particularly those which are red, green, purple and orange in color. The more colorful the fruits and vegetables you eat, the higher your intake of anti-oxidants which combat harmful free radicals responsible for the damaging effects of aging on the skin. Thus the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in your diet are essential for a healthy skin, without  which a beautiful, glowing skin is well nigh impossible.
  2. Get moving

    The right diet alone is however not enough to acquire a great presence and you need to follow a regular workout schedule as well. Daily moderate exercise helps to keep your body weight to the ideal level apart from shaping your muscles and giving you a well-toned look. Other than this, exercise has an immediate positive effect on the skin – when you work out, you automatically boost the circulatory system of the body, leading to a healthy flush on your skin. In the long term, effective circulation helps the blood to carry essential nutrients to the skin cells, thus replenishing the decayed cells and regenerating new ones.  Above all, regular exercise has been known to boost immunity levels and when you are healthy from within, your appearance reflects vigor and energy.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated

    Over the day, your body loses water as a result of various activities which not only include going out to work or shop but also physical exertion due to domestic chores, working out in the gym and even drinking alcohol as well as beverages like coffee and soda. It is important to replenish this lost moisture from within so that you don’t get dehydrated and end up with dry, patchy appearance. While contemporary nutritionists debunk the earlier theory about drinking seven liters of water each day, you still need to have enough water to keep your skin supple and body well hydrated and healthy.
  4. Protect yourself from the sun

    Sunlight is essential for the processing of Vitamin D in the human body and, according to some researchers, even for creating a happy, positive mental state. However too much of a good thing can be bad and today skin experts warn that sun’s rays are the foremost cause of premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. So use a sunscreen on a regular basis, even on cloudy days and during winter. This is because the harmful UV rays are not stopped from reaching your skin by a cloud cover and the only way prevent the damage that they can cause is by using a sunscreen.
  5. Get enough sleep

    Most of the regenerative work of the skin is done when the body is at deep rest, that is during the night. So if you are working till late into the night or partying till the wee hours of morning, the lack of sleep is bound to show up on your face with perhaps dark circles under the eyes and a general look of exhaustion that no amount of foundation can conceal. The only way to stop this from happening is to get adequate sleep which can vary between seven to eight hours, depending on your body’s requirements.
  6. Take Care of your hair

    Like it or not, a healthy mane is one of the chief constituents of your appearance. While a crowning glory in women is seen as an attractive attribute, men going bald or with thinning edges often suffer from a lack of self-esteem. So while there is still time, take good care of your hair by washing it regularly and conditioning it well. If you are following the right diet for your skin, you are already nourishing your hair too but remember not to subject your hair to excessive chemical or heat treatments since these can weaken and damage your hair in the long run.
  7. Adopt a skincare regimen

    While there is no substitute for nutritious diet and regular exercise, paying some added attention to your skin can go a long way in improving your appearance, especially with advancing age. Adopt a regular skincare regimen which includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Exfoliate once in a week and use some extra for problem areas like wrinkles or dark circles under the eyes. Men might balk at the idea but they would do well to remember that dry, rough cheeks and chapped lips are far from sexy and actually quite uncomfortable on delicate female skin. While no amount of cosmetics can in the end reverse the clock, regular care will definitely keep you looking healthier.
  8. Make dental care part of your routine

    While most people are careful to brush twice a day, they sometimes skimp on flossing and regular checkups at the dentist. Nothing ruins an impression like stained teeth or bad breath. So take care of your teeth and you will not only be improving your appearance but also preventing potential health hazards too.
  9. Mind your body language

    A desirable appearance is not simply a matter of glowing skin and shining hair. One of the easiest ways to ruin your appearance is by sending negative signals through certain aspects of his body language. Slouching, shaking a leg continuously, drumming fingers on the table and touching the ear, nose or hair repeatedly are all signs of nervousness and are enough to turn off others. Instead if wish to appear attractive and confident, adopt a straight but relaxed posture. Keep your hands on the table or comfortably on your sides. Make sure your gestures and mannerisms are easy and natural but don’t dwell too much on your actions.. A truly confident person remains collected on the outside which is a reflection of the calm self-assurance within.
  10. Do something to de-stress

    Part of growing up involves separating one’s emotions and feelings from social and public interactions. And yet how you feel inside cannot perpetually be shut out. If you are fighting negative emotions like anger, anxiety and stress all the time, then the effects are bound to show up on your appearance. At the same time though the complexity of modern life means that you cannot entirely avoid stress and pressure. So the best thing would be to find something that calms your mind and helps you rebuild your positive outlook. This would differ from one person to another so that while meditation and spirituality might work for some people, others would find greater comfort in reading, voluntary work or gardening. So choose an activity which helps you to relax and reboot from within and the results would surely be apparent on the outside too.