How to Appear Taller than You are

Not everyone is as tall as they would like to be. There’s no need to fret about it though. It’s important to have a positive self image. There are also many ways to appear taller than you are.

There are several products that are available online or sold on late night television shopping shows that claim to increase height. How effective they are is a matter of debate. Generally, once the bones have formed and fused, which happens around the time one attains adulthood, there's no way to increase one’s height. There are some surgical procedures in which the femur bone in the foot is elongated. However the process is extremely expensive and only recommended if one has been in an accident or if one is so short that it is impossible to function normally.

A lot can be done to make you appear taller.  

Avoid slouching

Slouching not only makes you look unfit but also takes away precious inches from your height. Keep your back straight and maintain a rising back. Look in the mirror and practice. If you slouch, it’s probably going to take a conscious effort to stop doing this. Keep reminding yourself to sit up and walk straight. Not only will it give the illusion of additional height but also make you look more confident, instantly.

Lose those extra pounds

If you want to appear taller, being plump or fat isn't going to help your cause. Being overweight gives the appearance of being shorter. Make lifestyle changes in your diet that you can sustain and start an exercise routine. It can be anything you enjoy—dancing, jogging, walking, swimming or the gym. Exercise also helps you improve your posture. Some people also claim that regular stretching can help increase height. Although, this has not been verified by any scientific research, it is true that regular stretching makes one lithe and thin and hence makes one appear taller.  

Choose the right clothes

One of the biggest changes you can make is in your wardrobe. Your clothes need to be well fitted. Throw out anything that's loose and baggy. Loose clothes add a box-like appearance to your frame and make one appear unflatteringly rounded. However, do not start wearing tight clothes. Very tight clothes will reveal all the flaws in your body. Remember that your clothes need to be well fitted but not skin hugging. You need to avoid wearing prints, big or small. Wear solid colours from top to bottom. This gives the illusion of a single block and hence, of height.   You may, however, wear vertical stripes. Vertical stripes perform the dual function of making a person look taller and thinner. Do not wear a belt that can be clearly visible, unless you absolutely must. Visually, a belt will cut your body into two distinct halves, something that people who are vertically challenged wish to avoid. If you must wear a belt, throw on a jacket to cover it. 

Wear heels

For women who wish to look taller, there’s one solution that cannot be more glamorous. Wear heels whenever you can. Wear stilettos, pencil heels, wedges, kitten heels. Heels not only make you look taller, they also add that extra glamour quotient. So, girls, have fun with your shoes. For men, insoles have worked since time immemorial. And, if you have it in you to pull it off, you could try formal shoes with heels.

Feign the tall frame

Tall people have broad shoulders. Hence, to appear tall, you must create the impression of having broad shoulders. Wear a jacket with subtle shoulder pads. Walk with your shoulders high and back straight. You can also keep your chin high. This eliminates chances of your neck looking shorter. 

Use your hairstyle to add height

Your hairstyle will make a big difference in creating the illusion of height. Hairstyles that are short on the sides create a choppy effect and will make you look shorter. Hairstyles that frame your face and make it look angular will help you look taller. Consult a good hairstylist and stick to a hairstyle that works for you. 

All said and done, love yourself and your body. Several celebrities are short and their height has never worked as a disadvantage. Kylie Minogue, Shakira, Daniel Radcliffe, Tina Turner, Tom Cruise are not tall people; however, no one talks about their height. People only seem to notice Tom Cruise's stunning looks, Shakira's hips, Kylie Minogue's voice, Tina Turner's legs and Daniel Radcliffe's talent. Play up your strengths and try these fail proof tips