The Earth Dog in Chinese Astrology


In Chinese astrology, the sign of the Dog is associated with loyalty and honesty – traits which are further deepened by the element Earth. At the same time this element also brings in some new qualities which serve to increase both the worth and complexity of the sign.

The Earth Dog is a highly trustworthy individual – once having taken up a task or responsibility, he/she can be trusted to complete it to the best of their efforts. This is one sign that will never let personal interest or ambition come in the way of fulfilling a commitment. This makes the Earth Dog highly valued both in the professional as well as social sphere. This Dog attracts a large number of friends on account of his/her personality which is as friendly, generous as it is dependable.

Yet another consequence of the Earth element is to make this sign patient and thoughtful. This is not a person who will rush into a course of action, driven by impulse or ambition but carefully weigh each option and then take a decision. While some Dog people can become restless and impetuous, the Earth Dog is much more capable of forethought and planning as he/she makes his/her way in life. In fact this trait can come in quite useful in the path of self-improvement; since the Earth Dog does not mind spending large amounts of time in furthering his/her abilities, he/she is better equipped to take on tasks and responsibilities that spell success in the worldly sense. And yet this impulse towards self-improvement takes away nothing from the humane side of the Dog personality – if anything it only makes the Earth Dog much more capable of using his/her intelligence and industriousness for the benefit of mankind.

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However when taken to an extreme, this bent for contemplation can make the Earth Dog somewhat hesitant in nature. Lacking the dynamism of Fire or the determination of Metal, the Earth Dog can find him/herself succumbing to the peculiar kind of inertia that can affect this sign when things are not going so well. An excess of the contemplative nature may make this Dog a tad unsure of him/herself so that he/she can miss out on opportunities in life and get left behind in the way of progress. What’s more, in case a strain of bad luck or unhappy circumstances continue, this sign is more vulnerable than others of giving into to pessimism. A useful way for the Earth Dog to get out of the rut of boredom and cynicism is to socialize more and with different kinds of people. As this Dog goes out more often and seeks the company of interesting and fun loving people, he/she will begin to look up and avoid the vicious cycle of negativity which in turn gives rise to further loneliness and depression.

Despite the need for some variety, the Earth Dog is essentially a homebody. He/she does not like to venture far from familiar surroundings and feels happiest when assured of the love and loyalty of those closest to him or her.