The Metal Dog in Chinese Astrology


The Chinese sign of the Dog typifies several traits found in the counterpart from the animal world besides also possessing other characteristics which enhance the worth of the personality. However most of these qualities are tempered in a unique way by the element Metal which further increases the complexity of the sign.

Despite an essential courageous nature, the Dog is at times given to moodiness which makes him/her somewhat indecisive on those occasions. When overcome by negativity, the Dog can become withdrawn, restless and anxious. At such times, he/she finds it extremely difficult to get a grip on the situation and turn it around. However under the influence of Metal, the Dog is able to take firmer decisions; there is a steely resolve in this sign which helps him/her to choose a particular course of action and more importantly stick to it. This kind of determination is quite helpful in focusing the energy and intellect of the Dog which otherwise can fritter away on nervous anxiety and indecisiveness.

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At the basic level, the Dog is an idealist. He/she is deeply righteous in nature and is a stickler for certain values like honesty and truthfulness. Dogs strongly denounce injustice and wrongdoing, generously giving useful and effective advice to those around them. They value honor and truth and are usually among the first to speak out against injustice and champion the cause of the downtrodden. When forged in Metal, the Dog turns out to be even more staunch in his/her adherence to the code of values and there is rarely an occasion when he/she sees fit to bend the rules for anybody, least of all to pursue his/her own interest. However this kind of rigidity on values can also make the Metal Dog quite opinionated and fixed in their ideals. Frequently this character becomes stubborn in the extreme since they know what is right and what they want and will not be convinced otherwise. This not only makes for a certain impracticality but also leaves a dent in the Dog’s overall social popularity.

Another unhappy consequence of the inflexibility of the Dog’s idealistic stance is that it leaves him/her vulnerable to bouts of pessimism. Since the Dog holds certain values so close to heart, it pains him/her to see them being broken all around. This induces a bitterly cynical attitude in the Dog and can give rise to a sharp tongue and sometimes biting remarks which, though honest, end up hurting others. When cowed by unhappy circumstances, the Dog gives the impression of looking systematically for faults in everyone and everything around. This is partly because they are so conscious of justice and righteousness that they simply cannot bear things being otherwise.

Metal Dogs have high expectations from themselves as well as from others. Just like they would never deviate from the path of honesty and responsible, they also expect people around to adhere to these values. One of the most distressing experiences for a Metal Dog is to find out that people they thought they could count on have backed out of plans or commitments. And since in his/her experience, this may have occurred more than once, the Metal Dog becomes extremely cautious in choosing his/her friends. They take a very long time to trust someone and don’t easily open up to strangers or people they have just met. However once he or she knows that a person can be trusted, the Metal Dog will be a companion for life. They are deeply loyal in nature and are highly trustworthy as partners. Interestingly enough the influence of Metal also works to intensify the passions of this sign. Thus though a Metal Dog may take some time to enter a relationship, once committed he/she will prove to be an ardent and faithful lover.