Goat - Dog Love Compatibility in Chinese Astrology

The Goat and Dog are two animal signs which do not have much in common. Thus chances of romantic compatibility between the two are not really high. In some cases even opposing personalities have a chance of complementing each other in a relationship which again seems to evade this particular equation. However with ample mutual understanding, it is quite likely that the Goat and Dog will manage to work out something in the end.

High points of a Goat-Dog love match

The best chances of a successful Goat-Dog union appear to lie in each partner’s ability to bring something unique to the relationship. The Goat for instance is known to be caring and loving partner – in fact the women of this sign have a strong nurturing instinct which delights in lavishing care and attention on loved ones. This suits the Dog very well because of a lack of emotional security deep inside. This character constantly needs to be told by a partner how wonderful and special he/she is and only then can they give their best in a personal situation. And the Goat, whether male or female, is only too happy to fulfill this emotional need of a Dog partner.

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On his/her part, the Dog is an extremely protective partner, both in physical and emotional sense. True to the animal whose symbol this zodiac sign bears, the Dog can be quite fierce in their attempts to protect those that they consider their personal responsibility. At the same time, he/she is very caring by nature and can be trusted to come up with both words of sympathy as well as practical aid in times of need. They are especially supportive of partners who they perceive of lacking confidence and would encourage them with the same drive they pursue their own careers and interests. And the Goat with his/her inherent shy nature would be one such personality that is likely to benefit from a relationship with the Dog.

Then again both the Goat and Dog seem capable of bringing complementing each other with their respective traits in love. A Dog is logical in nature and prefers to follow a plan of action rather than work in a haphazard or meandering manner. As such the Dog stands well placed to balance the Goat’s tendency to dreaminess and lethargy. A Dog can help provide his/her Goat partner with a little more structure and security. The Goat in turn can return the favor by helping his/her Dog partner to be positive and hopeful. The Goat for all their retiring personalities is great lovers of the finer of life like good food, nice dresses and aesthetic pleasures. In this way the Goat can counter the Dog’s bent to pessimism by opening him/her to all that is beautiful and pleasurable in life.

However the most realistic chances of a compatible Goat-Dog match lies perhaps in their shared love of home and homely comforts. The one place where the Goat is happiest is in his/her home – whether working from a home office, rustling up delicious meals or pottering about in the garden. Though to a lesser extent, this love of a familiar and simple routine is shared by the Dog too; they are not one for dramatic or exciting journeys because they would rather be at home, protecting their families. Unlike a Rat-Horse or perhaps a Dragon-Monkey couple, the Goat and Dog pair would happily eschew the bright lights and scintillating company outside for the familiarity and comforts of their own home.

Challenges of a Goat-Dog love match

And despite so many possibilities of romantic compatibility, the Goat-Dog pairing is not always a happy one. One of the main reasons for this is that both partners are prone to extreme bouts of emotional insecurity. While the Dog needs consistent evidence of the love and support of a partner, the Goat likes to be pampered emotionally as well as materially. It is not in the nature of the Goat to work hard, whether in relationships or in the external world. As a result the Goat is often unable to provide the kind of effort that the Dog requires in a relationship. Likewise the Dog is prone to moodiness and negativity, especially at times when things are not going his/her way. On such occasions, the Dog can become anxious, irritable and even snap at others around him/her – none of which is likely to go down well with the highly sensitive Goat. Instead of perceiving such behavior from the Dog partner objectively and letting him/her be, the Goat is likely to take the Dog’s moodiness personally and feel that this he/she is trying to push them away.

Then again, the Goat and Dog are likely to be involved in very different kinds of pursuits, despite their love of domestic surroundings. While the Goat is a sensualist at heart, the Dog is extremely idealistic. As a result the Goat would be attracted to experiences and objects which give pleasure to the senses like fine dining, pretty clothes as well high culture.
The Dog on the other hand would probably see these pursuits as frivolous and instead wish to be allied to important causes and a more active way of life. Thus even if the two are able to work out their personal problems, this conflict between a leisurely, sensual approach to life and an active idealistic value system is likely to push the Goat and Dog further apart from each other.