Like most astrological systems of the world, Chinese astrology too believes that zodiac signs are modified according to the influence of various elements. The Horse is one of the most attractive animal signs in the Chinese system, embodying traits like energy, movement and a zest for life. When allied with an element like Metal, certain traits are refined while others are added to this exuberant personality.

Water usually figures as one of the elements in almost all astrological systems of the world. It is believed to encourage flexibility and the flow of communication to any sign with which it is associated. In case of the Chinese sign of the Horse, the element Water heightens some attributes, both to favorable and unfavorable ends.

In Chinese astrology, the Horse is a sign marked by energy, action and a general optimism in life. When associated with an element like Wood, all these traits take on a deeper and more humane attitude. This is because Wood according to Chinese astrology is believed to make a sign more philosophical as well as compassionate in nature.

The Chinese zodiac sign of the Horse, like the animal whose symbol it bears, is free-spirited, energetic and intelligent. They are gregarious in a nature and usually have a positive attitude to life. However every sign also bears the imprint of a particular element according; likewise the Horse too undergoes some of the stabilizing influence of the Earth, even though none of the native energy and initiative is lost.

The element Fire is believed to grant energy and dynamism to a sign – traits that the Chinese zodiac of Horse already possesses. As such the Fire Horse is a flamboyant personality, one who has loads of initiative and passion but also prone to risky behavior and burnouts.

The Horse is one of the most interesting types of Chinese astrology – energy, movement and love of life characterizes this personality. So if you are born in the year of the Horse, find out more about who you are.

The first quality of the Horse that anyone is likely to notice is their exuberance and zest for life. This is a person brimming with energy and with him/her, life is one big circus where there are innumerable rides to try and uncountable thrills on offer.

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