The Metal Horse in Chinese Astrology


Like most astrological systems of the world, Chinese astrology too believes that zodiac signs are modified according to the influence of various elements. The Horse is one of the most attractive animal signs in the Chinese system, embodying traits like energy, movement and a zest for life. When allied with an element like Metal, certain traits are refined while others are added to this exuberant personality.

Despite its many gifts, the Horse personality is known to be rather capricious in nature. This is a person who is hooked to change – he/she must have varied experiences in order to feel alive and kicking.  They love to do new things and try out new tasks and are forever on the lookout for what will engage their interest next. While this lends the Horse far-ranging skills and experience, it also implies an inability to see things through. As soon as the thrill of a challenge or the novelty of an experience has worn off, the Horse begins to lose interest. However when tempered by Metal, the Horse acquires a greater degree of self-discipline as a result of which he/she is able to show greater determination as compared to any other element of the equine sign. The Metal Horse may be in heart as changeable and as unpredictable as others of his/her sign, but as a consequence of this Metal, there is something of a steely resolve to achieve success in a venture or experience instead of giving up mid-way.

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In fact this trait of the Metal Horse indicates yet another aspect of the sign – a higher level of ambition in the worldly sense. This Horse more than any other is moved by desire to achieve material success in life, if only to enjoy and have a good time. Essentially the Horse is not motivated by a love of power of others like the Snake or material possessions like the Ox – rather the Horse moves up the ladder driven by the thrill of challenge of achieving something difficult. However Metal Horses are attracted by the glint of silver as well and they are likely to use their considerable resources in achieving their aims.

No matter what the element, the Horse is not one to lack courage. Always game to try out something new or to take up a challenge, this sign is usually among the first to volunteer for a tough assignment or ask that good-looking person out for a drink. The presence of Metal in this Horse only serves to heighten this courage, raising it from the merely physical to the more cerebral level. Thus if there is a particularly tough assignment at work or a difficult client to impress, the Metal Horse is person for the job. He/she is more likely than others to take up the challenge in a spirit of good-natured competition and what’s more, will even have fun while succeeding in it.

In case of personal relationships, the influence of Metal is bound to make passions keener because of which the Metal Horse may be a highly coveted lover. As it is Horses are known to sweep their partners off their feet with their exuberance and romantic attentions but the Metal Horse is likely to feel things even more intensely though this does not mean that he/she will remain committed to the relationship. Personal independence is of paramount importance to the Horse and when allied to Metal, the sign may show a higher degree of individuality than others of the equine herd.