The Wood Horse in Chinese Astrology


In Chinese astrology, the Horse is a sign marked by energy, action and a general optimism in life. When associated with an element like Wood, all these traits take on a deeper and more humane attitude. This is because Wood according to Chinese astrology is believed to make a sign more philosophical as well as compassionate in nature.

The Horse is one of the most exuberant and sociable animals of the Chinese zodiac. He/she is open to different kinds of interests and experiences; their quicksilver mind flits from one activity to another while their boundless energy wants to live life to its utmost. But with all this rushing about, the Horse often tends to become impetuous and impractical. He/she may be driven to a task or experience simply for the thrill of it, without any proper planning or preparation. However with the influence of Wood, the Horse nature is more equipped to think things out than others of the stable. While no Horse can go against the basic grain of their nature and lose their essential spontaneity, the Wood house usually lends some forethought to a situation, if only because he/she is keen to be successful like any other Horse. The main reason for a more thoughtful approach is the influence of Wood which grants a greater capacity for contemplation to a sign.

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Interestingly, another trait of the Wood Horse is a marked ethical nature. The essential Horse nature is attracted to change and novelty and usually does not mind leaving a task or a relationship mid-way, no matter how it impacts others. However the Wood Horse as a greater sense of integrity and is unlikely to act in a way that would inconvenience and more importantly hurt others.

Yet another happy consequence of the influence of Wood is granting a greater stability to the restless Horse nature. The Wood Horse, however, can set long term goals and stick to a plan or regimen much better than other Horses. As a result, Wood Horses are not so unpredictable, and make better partners, both in the professional and personal context. In fact the Wood Horse is probably the best adjusted Horse in the stable of elements; this is because on one hand he or she is capable of sticking to the task at hand but can still switch gears quickly if it is needed. So even though, the person born as a Wood Horse in the Chinese horoscope still has the Horse's adaptability and ability to handle change, he/she is much more steady and reliable.

One example of the Wood Horse’s more rounded personality is seen in their ability to form more successful personal relationships, especially in the long run. Despite their personal appeal and zestful natures, the Horse in general is not always a success as a romantic partner. This is not only due to their attraction to novelty which makes them prone to straying but also because of inability to commit themselves to a relationship due to an intense love of personal freedom. However the Wood Horse is warmer and more capable of deeper emotional attachments as compared to other members of the breed. This makes for more committed relationships and happier families. Even though the Wood Horse will still retain an element of the unpredictable that is essential to the Horse nature and thus can take off for a solitary gallop through the pasture, the mate of this Horse can at least be sure that he/she would come back to the stable before the sun goes down on the horizon.