The Fire Monkey in Chinese Astrology


The element Fire is believed to bring about greater energy and initiative in a sign. when allied to one like the Monkey, this element ends up intensifying certain traits which can have either a positive impact or move towards a dangerous extreme.

Much like the animal who symbol this zodiac sign bears, the Monkey is intelligent and curious. he/she is eager to try out different exprinces and does not hesitate to take up challenges as they come in life. however when associated with Fire, this Monkey becomes even more dynamic and energetic in nature. This is a livewire personality who positively revels in doing many things at the same time and sampling a bit from everything in life. but this versatility which is common to all Monkey is further fuelled by the Fire element so that this Monkey is highly energetic in nature. it is rather hard to pin the Fire Monkey down since he/she is likely to be in several places at the same time. what’s more the Fire Monkey is one of the first to run through the basics of an experience or come up with a solution while others may be still groping their way about. Not only does a Fire Monkey gets the answer, every time, but he or she has the energy to see a plan through until the end.

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And yet an excess of activity could make the Fire Monkey prone to burnout and exhaustion. in fact the Fire Monkey not only loves being involved in various activities, he or she also finds it hard to delegate work or authority to others. it is as though he/she must be personally present in all the multifarious interests that any Monkey has usually going on in his/her life. all these factors could push the Fire Monkey to dangerous extremes unless they realize the importance of regular rest and are able to calm their minds through relaxation techniques like Yoga or meditation.

Despite having the proverbial finger in every pie, Fire Monkeys also possess a desire to see thigns through. in a general sense, consistency of character is not the most common of traits found in the zodiac sign of Monkey; while they are quick to take up an interest or solve a puzzle, they are not so good at staying with a job for over a length of mind. however the Fire Monkey could have a deeper sense of commitment to a project of relationship, if motivated by nothing else other than a superior strength of character. while the Metal Monkey is marked by a steely resolve and the Earth Monkey by a steadier temperament, the Fire Monkey could be dedicated to a favorite interest or person simply because he/she has more energy to put into it.

Unfortunately this sense of a superior ability could make the Fire Monkey highly egoistic in nature. as it is, Monkeys have difficulty in putting others’s needs and perspectives before thiers and when their sense of self-importance is fanned by the Fire element, the result is even a greater tendency to have the upper hand, which could be something of a problem in personal relationships. at the same time though the Fire element makes this Monkey extremely passionate as a lover. the flames of love seemed to burn brighter in this temperament which is why the Fire Monkey can be ardent and passionate as a partner.