The Water Monkey in Chinese Astrology


Almost all astrological systems consider the various elements as important components in the psychological makeup of a sign. Water usually figures as the element which promotes adaptability and the flow of fellow-feeling. Likewise when the Chinese zodiac sign of Monkey is allied with Water, many of its fixed traits acquire a flexibility making for a more rounded personality.

One of the less favorable traits of the Monkey is a tendency to egoism. An innate sense of superiority in matters of knowledge and resourcefulness gives this sign the feeling of being better than others. He/she always expects to have the upper hand in any situation and does not respond well to being crossed or corrected which he/she will almost inevitably take as a personal attack. However under the influence of Water, the egoism of the Monkey is somewhat diluted. He/she is more diplomatic in nature and better able to consider the feelings as well as suggestions of those around instead of barging ahead with whatever that suits him/her best. And even though the Water Monkey is still driven towards meeting his/her own interests, the edges of an egoistic nature are somewhat softened by the influence of the Water element.

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Water is also known to bring about a better flow of communication thus helping some reticent signs towards better self-expression. The Monkey of course has no such problems – he/she is a conversationalist par excellence and even adept at picking up more than one languages. Indeed many linguists are found out to belong to the Chinese zodiac sign of the Monkey. What the element Water does here is to direct the communication skills of the Monkey towards forging and maintaining genuine social bonds. Armed with a silver tongue, the Water Monkey is able to reach out to people in a genuine bond of friendship and fellow-feeling instead of seeking merely to impress or achieve his/her own ends. This is evident in the way Water Monkeys can often be found in professions which are geared towards the needs of individuals if not the society as a whole. In fact buoyed by the spirit of co-operation brought on by Water, this Monkey can be extremely generous, even going so far as to put him/herself out on behalf of a friend or partner if circumstances so require.

On the flipside though, the conversational powers of the Water element may encourage in the Monkey a tendency towards mindless chatter and gossip. And then there is the matter of self-interest - no matter how real the impulse of co-operation the Monkey just can’t help him/herself from indulging in a little bit of emotional manipulation now and then while talking to others, especially if it will help them to get their own way in the end.

One of the effects of Water is to make a sign more emotional in nature. Even though the self-assured and capable Monkey is in no danger to succumb to excess emotionality, it does make the Water Monkey prone to mercurial moods. When things are going his/her way, this Monkey is sizzling with wit, laughter and sex appeal but when events take a turn for worse, the Water Monkey can be nervy, anxious and prone to snap even. It is this bent for caprice that could create problems for the Water Monkey in intimate relationships.