The Water Rooster in Chinese Astrology


Among the animal signs in Chinese astrology, the Rooster is not the easiest type to understand because of a tendency to certain fixed traits. Water though is an element which is believed to bring about a greater fluidity in nature and seems particularly helpful in turning the Rooster into a more rounded personality.

In general the Rooster is a great believer in the merits of organization and planning. He/she is just not the type to jump on a course of action and then improvise along the way. Instead the Rooster would carefully consider an option from all angles and only when convinced of the soundness of the plan, then proceed with it. While this trait has the merit of coming up with foolproof plans which are also more likely to succeed, it also makes the Rooster rather inflexible and uncompromising in nature. When associated with Water though, the Rooster is better able to understand the wisdom in being a little more accommodating, every once in a while. He/she is more willing to let things be and letting the dynamics of universe take their course.

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This adaptability of nature is also reflected in the social relationships of the Water Rooster. Instead of hectoring and nagging at others to organize their lives and actions in a way that he/she thinks right, this Rooster is able to accept a wider level of diversity and variety in human personalities. Whereas other Roosters feel the need to set the agenda all the time, Water Roosters are more able to listen to others and take their opinions into account. Unlike other Roosters, this one doesn’t feel driven to set the agenda all the time or control everything that his happening around him/her. The Water Rooster is also more willing to go along with the flow which is how he/she is better able to cope with the occasional eddies and minor whirlpools in the fast-running stream of life.

One of the major complaints that people have against the Rooster is that the latter is often brutally critical in his/her opinions and suggestions. In all fairness to the sign, this critical streak in a Rooster is never for selfish reasons – it is most often motivated by a genuine concern for others and a sincere desire to help others be the best they can. And yet their abrasive tongue not only ends up hurting other people but even affecting the Rooster’s popularity. However when associated with Water, this critical tendency of the Rooster is much diluted; as a result though the Rooster is still basically truthful in nature, he/she can couch the facts in a much more constructive manner and adopt a gentler tone while conveying his/her opinions. Overall the Water Rooster is well able to come to terms with a world that might not always live up to his/her impeccable standards.

A greater adaptability in temperament makes the Water Rooster perhaps the easiest of the breed to know and understand. They are not only more acceptable of individual idiosyncrasies and differences but in fact much more willing to reach out to others. At their basic level, the Rooster is a helpful creature but the fact is often lost in all the hectoring and nagging that they are prone to. The Water Rooster on the other hand will genuinely reach out to help a friend or even a virtual stranger in need. Together with an ability to get along, the Water Rooster possesses the sense of responsibility that is intrinsic to the Rooster nature and this combination makes them particularly successful in personal relationships.