The Snake Zodiac Sign in Chinese Astrology


Reviled and feared in western culture, the snake is mainly associated with negative qualities like deceit, destructiveness and evil manipulation. However Chinese astrology considers the Snake a far more evolved type of personality, one who appreciates beauty and value even as it is armed with acute insight and deadly venom.

One of the facets of the Snake most interesting to anyone from outside Oriental culture would be its discriminating nature. The Snake according to Chinese astrology, is a purveyor of the finer things of life and he/she owes this to an essentially sensual nature. They take great pleasure in appeasing their senses and  good food, fine wine and high culture are among the things that he/she finds worth living for. At any party or social gathering, the guest who is most elegantly dressed, who samples the assortment of cheese and appreciates the champagne with the greatest degree of awareness is likely to be a Snake. He/she is apt to engage in polite social discourse and impress others with their high level of sophistication.

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And yet beneath all that social finesse and cultured veneer, the Snake is essentially a very private person. Much like the actual snake of the animal world, this personality type prefers keeping to him/herself and is only glad to be left alone. The Snake could spend a perfectly happy day simply lazing about in the sun and reading a good book or listening to music indoors as it rains outside. They do not feel the need to surround themselves with human company and neither do they hanker for new and sensational experiences. The Snake is only too happy to be surrounded by the familiar and the pleasurable. Along with being reserved him/herself, the Snake is in fact equally ready to grant others the same kind of privacy; unlike the Dragon it does not rush into managing other people’s affairs or give them advice on how to run their lives. Due to their love of privacy and to certain extent because of their own complex personality, the Snake is not an easy person to understand and others may have figured as the Snake’s friends and loved ones for several years while still being unaware of certain aspects of his/her personality.

For all their love of isolation though the Snake is not a nature’s fool. Underneath that glamorous hood is a keen mind looking for chinks in the other person’s psychology and quietly filing away all that he/she has learnt for future reference. This capacity for psychological insight puts the Snake in a position of great power, one which he/she is not above using for personal ends. Thus the Snake has the reputation of mesmerizing its opponent so that the latter willy-nilly subjects to the Snake’s wishes. And those that venture to oppose the Snake directly often find themselves at the receiving end of his/her deadly vengeance. While the Snake can develop warm relationships through life, he/she does not allow many people into their intimate circle and virtually no one into the deepest recesses of his/her heart. While this has the social disadvantage of making the Snake a misunderstood figure, as far as the Snake is concerned, it suits him/her well since it serves to keep people around guessing as to his/her real thoughts and motives, in the process granting the Snake an important psychological edge over others.

In work as in life, the Snake is a useful ally and a dangerous opponent. This personality knows perhaps better than any other sign how to get itself and its allies out of a sticky situation. Even though the Snake has a reputation of being lazy and uninterested, he/she can be extremely resourceful and industriousness when necessary. The core of the Snake’s resourcefulness lies in his/her persuasive skills which in turn make use of their psychological insight. Thus in times of trouble, the Snake can find it easy to persuade others to work on his/her behalf or for those the Snake considers friends. All these traits make the Snake an asset to any workplace or institution especially in times of emergency or trouble when it is necessary to use unconventional or even manipulative means to save the day. The Snake is one character that does not easily lose control, either of him/herself or of the situation at hand.

On the whole though the Snake is best suited for professions which require people with polished interpersonal skills and an inherent charm that can satisfy the most petulant of clients. Marketing, sales and service sectors are thus areas which harness the suave skills of the Snake while hospitality, F&B and retail are other areas where this personality type can harness its expertise on the finer things of life to full use. The Snake in fact has a knack for making money and even when they may not seem to be employed full-time, they can be trusted upon to dabble in stocks and bonds that are sure to appreciate in value. Despite being armed with personal charm and psychological acumen the Snake is not one to rush hither and thither or immerse him/herself in the frantic pace of livelihood. And yet this type will surely make money, if for nothing else, at least to afford its high-maintenance lifestyle and delicious pleasures of life.

The Snake as a partner or spouse can be utterly charming. He/she will be very attentive, cater to every need and whim of their beloved when in the mood and delight them with their urbane wit and sophistication. In intimate relationships, the Snake can reveal a strong sex drive and healthy fulfilling sex maybe necessary to keep the Snake happy in a relationship. When living with the Snake, a spouse or partner may need devote ample time to keeping a versatile kitchen and a well-stocked cellar since this person can be quite particular about getting the best of food and drinks. And yet for all their social charm and personal appeal, the Snake is essentially a private creature and even a partner of many years may find out that there are aspects to this individual that are still a mystery.

As far as health is concerned, the Snake has a tendency to put on weight and develop heart ailments – hardly surprising given the culinary excesses of the personality. The throat is yet another area which may lead to ill-health. Finally freedom of movement and comfortable surroundings are important for the Snake to live peaceably and for long.