The Fire Snake in Chinese Astrology


The Fire Snake is a sign that one would not wish to offend in a hurry. Possessing all the ingenuity and intuitive power of the Snake nature, this personality has the added dynamism and temper associated with the fiery element. The result is a sign that is both magnificent and cunning, charismatic as well as dangerous.

Fire is mostly associated with a greater dynamism in the sign – the result is especially noticeable in case of a sign like Snake who is naturally easy-going and even lethargic. When allied with the element Fire, this Snake gains some of the can-do attitude of more dynamic signs. Thus the Fire sign is ready to get on with things instead of just plotting and planning on how to achieve his/her aims. However since the essential Snake nature is opposed to rushing about and jumping on the merry-go-round of the world, the influence of Fire serves to heighten the ambition of the Snake rather than make him physically energetic in nature. The Fire Snake thus want a good deal from life - they want the money, they want the status but most of all they want power, and they will do anything to get it.

Yet another way that this Snake is affected by the dynamism of Fire is to acquire a more extroverted personality. Beneath all that social finesse and cultured veneer, the Snake in general is a very private person. They do not feel the need to surround themselves with human company and neither do they hanker for new and sensational experiences. The basic Snake nature is only too happy to be surrounded by the familiar and the pleasurable. But the Fire Snake on the other hand will be too glad of the limelight; unlike other Snakes who lurk quietly and confidently in the background, he/she will be laughing and shouting, telling jokes and holding court amidst friends and admirers.

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Part of the reason why Fire Snakes are so popular is because of their ability to powerfully express their thoughts and feelings. It is not that the Snake in general lacks communication skills – indeed he/she is quite an expert in polite social discourse. But in case of the Fire Snake, there is a verbal dexterity that works strongly to motivate and enthuse others. He/she will draw out the most reserved character at a party just as he/she can convince the most stubborn client in the boardroom. For all these reasons the Fire Snake is a force to be reckoned with, whether in the social or professional sphere.

And though this persuasive personality can at times appear quite opinionated and self centered, still most people can't help but be charmed by them nonetheless. The Fire Snake is brimming with confidence, bravado and dramatics and in most cases this combination is irresistible.

On the flipside though the Fire Snake can be subject to unpredictable and extreme moods. While in general, the Snake possesses remarkable self-control, under the influence of the fiery element, the Snake can lash out in white-hot rage when roused to anger. At such times this Snake is surely one of the most dangerous signs of the Chinese menagerie, not only because of his/her verbal fury but more so because of his/her capacity to strike back with deadly vengeance.