The Wood Snake in Chinese Astrology


The chief influence of the element Wood is bring about a greater bent for contemplation and humanity in a sign. As a result this element can bring about subtle changes in the Snake personality; and though their essential nature would not alter very significantly, the final result could be a very likable and worthy individual.

The most noticeable quality of the Wood element is perhaps to introduce a contemplative frame of mind in an action-oriented sign like the Horse or to underline such a temperament where it already exists as in the case of the Snake. This is a sign that is not given to rush pell-mell into any course of action just because it is exciting and challenging. Rather the Snake likes to be left alone and soak in the pleasures of comfortable or aesthetic surroundings. What the element Wood does here is to direct the Snake’s thoughts away from mere self-indulgence to constructive purposes. Thus unlike the Metal or Fire Snake, he/she would not be driven to act rashly but neither he/she will while away precious time like the Water or Earth Snake. The Wood Snake in fact would think long and hard and then put in all the effort necessary to succeed in a chosen venture. It is this association of deep thought with ultimate focus that brings the best of both the Wood element and Snake sign into this personality, making him/her capable of large scale success.

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At the same time, the Wood Snake is not driven to succeed at the cost of hurting others. Since Wood brings about wider fellow-feeling this, Snake is less likely to manipulate or deceive someone simply to get ahead. Although Wood Snakes are still ambitious, status and recognition don't matter as much to them, so they are not nearly as competitive in the pursuit of these things as other Snakes can be.

If anything, the Wood Snake is the kindest and most generous of his/her kind. This Snake has a genuinely compassionate heart which is not a very typical trait of this sign in general. The influence of the element Wood makes this Snake warm-hearted so that he/she has a real desire to make the world a happier place for all concerned and to be of particular assistance to those who are deprived of in need of special help. Even when not motivated by such idealistic concerns, the
Wood Snake is more social than others and will actually seek out a group of friends rather than just sticking to their families. Whereas other Snakes generally refuse to work unless they can control every aspect of the project, this Snake is more likely to work productively in groups.

Among the very few drawbacks of the Wood Snake is perhaps a tendency to be opinionated and thrust his/her views on others. Because this Snake is something of an idealist and often knows his/her intuitions to be right, the Wood Snake can be prone to directing others down the path he/she thinks is best. This results in the Wood Snake acquiring the reputation of something of a busybody, interfering in matters not directly concerning him/her. However those who actually follow the Wood Snake’s advice may find their trust amply rewarded, considering the fact that more often than not, the gut feelings of this Snake turn out to be correct.