Tiger - Pig Love Compatibility in Chinese Astrology


The two signs are quite removed from each other on account of differing personal traits and compulsions. And yet if the Tiger and Pig decide to use their individual characteristics to complement each other, the relationship will offer a large store of mutual benefits.

High points of a Tiger-Pig love match

On the face of it, chances of a compatible relationship between the Tiger and Pig appear poor – the former craves intellectual stimulation while the latter is happy to lead a quite life. Then again the Tiger needs personal freedom in a relationship while the Pig needs emotional security. However what can eventually help both the Tiger and Pig to reach a better understanding of each other is a shared dislike of disharmony and conflict. Both signs are happy in their respective world of thoughts and sensations and have no desire to coerce the other to follow their own compulsions. Unlike may be a Dragon or Snake, neither sign is particularly controlling nor confrontational in nature. Both the Tiger and Pig are blessed with an open-minded approach to life and are least judgmental of other people and situations. All these common attributes could go a long way in developing a relationship that is based more on companionship and generosity rather than emotional intricacies or raw sensuality.

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Then again both the Tiger and Pig are geared towards a non-materialistic way of life and find fulfillment in supporting meaningful causes. While the Tiger loves using his/her wide-ranging intellect and adventurous nature to think up systems and plans for the benefit of mankind, the Pig too has a marked humanitarian nature. And this, coupled with their natural urge to help and serve, makes the Pig some of the most ardent champions of the unhappy and underprivileged.

Even in their love lives, the Tiger and Pig can form a fulfilling relationship. Despite his/her altruistic nature, the Pig has a strong sensual side to his/her personality and takes deep pleasure in good things to eat, drink, wear and feel. Thus the Pig can be expected to infuse their lovemaking with sensuality and romance. The Tiger on the hand is likely to bring all the fire and passion of his/her personality into the experience so that it is deeply satisfying for all sides.

Challenges of a Tiger-Pig love match

Romantic compatibility between a Tiger and a Pig is likely to find its biggest challenge in the opposition between the intellectual nature of the former and the emotional bent of the latter. While the Tiger uses his/her mind to make sense of the world and their own lives, the Pig on the other hand is highly attuned to emotions. So in a relationship the Tiger will be looking forward to lively verbal and intellectual communication with his/her partner, but unfortunately the Pig will prefer an exchange of feelings and emotions with the one he/she loves. In other words, the rational and matter-of-fact attitude of the Tiger might indicate disinterest and emotional detachment to the Pig while the intense feelings of the latter might be too suffocating and overwhelming for the former.

Then again each sign appears to have vastly different expectations in love. In keeping with their introspective intellectual nature, the Tiger is fiercely protective about their personal independence. They are not only determined to preserve their own individuality in love but in fact are one of the few signs who are than willing to grant their partners the same degree of personal freedom. On the other hand the Pig can veer between the two extremes of needing repeated emotional reassurance and a tendency to smother a partner with love and care. Because each sign expects separate things from each other, the relationship can come adrift in confusion and heartache.

Also the Tiger might, every now and then, think nothing about indulging in light-hearted flirtation while exchanging notes about their travels, inventions and opinions with members of the opposite sex. All this is likely to hurt the Pig’s feelings and he/she might sink further into the depths of isolation instead of demanding an explanation or joining his/her partner in socializing. Likewise the Tiger man or woman might feel tied down by their partner’s emotional expectations and secretly wish for a lover who is much more self-reliant in a relationship.

What might save this relationship from sinking into a morass of misunderstandings is the ability to use their individual qualities to complement each other. The Pig can show the Tiger a path to the feelings and can help them grow toward being more nurturing and emotional expressive. The Tiger in turn can encourage the Pig to find distance and become intellectually curious about their sensual experiences. Once the Tiger is more expressive of his/her love for the Pig partner, the latter will feel more secure in the relationship and not mind the former’s intellectual wanderings so much. At the same time if the Pig is able to find other sources of emotional validation, he/she will be less dependent on their partner who in turn will respond with greater enthusiasm in the relationship.