The Water Tiger in Chinese Astrology


Water has an expansive influence on a sign in almost all astrological systems of the world. It dilutes qualities that are unnaturally fixed while unblocking the flow of positive traits. When allied with a sign as the Tiger, the influence of Water may seem to counter many of the character’s basic traits. But instead of heading for an internal conflict, the Water Tiger may actually be among the better-adjusted personalities of this sign.

One of the distinctive traits of the Tiger is an originality of temperament. The need to do something different and extraordinary is an over-riding motivation with the Tiger and is part of the reason why so many visionaries, reformers and explorers seem to be born in the year of the Tiger. A problem with this trait is that when taken to an extreme, it often leads the Tiger to take up causes and projects just for the sake of novelty and the idea of doing something to buck the trend.

However people born as Water Tigers under the Chinese zodiac are less likely to take up "impossible" causes than their Tiger counterparts because they are more able to accept the way things are, rather than constantly fighting for change. The Tiger nature is constantly seeking something to rebel against, but Water Tigers are more capable of using their inner strength and power to cooperate with others, rather than always fight cross swords with them.

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However this is not to suggest that the Water Tiger loses his/her basic reformist nature or the desire to fight against the ills and for the benefit of mankind. If anything, the presence of Water only makes this Tiger more altruistic than usual. Thus the Water Tiger is more capable of reaching out to fellow beings and empathizing with their feelings and problems rather than viewing them merely as causes to fight for.

Another consequence of this emotional outflow brought on by Water is to grant this Tiger a higher degree of social popularity. While the Tiger essentially depends on his/her magnetism and powerful personality to gather people around, he/she cannot always form a personal bond through words. However the Water Tiger has better powers of communication which not only helps him/her to explain better the unusual twists and turns of their own unpredictable Tiger nature but also to reach out to others emotionally. Thus even though the Water Tiger may not hold court amidst followers or keep listeners engrossed with powerful ideas, he/she can surely be found listening to a friend in trouble or solving the problem of another. It is this humane and compassionate trait helped by conversational skills that sets this Tiger apart from those of other elements.

The above traits of better communication and emotional empathy that are influenced by the Water element also make this Tiger particularly attached to his/her family. By nature, the Tiger is not really a family person – he/she needs a great deal of personal freedom in a relationship besides having a tendency to unpredictable schedules and unusual choices in lifestyle. However the Water Tiger is more stable in his/her ways of living and also more expressive of their emotions which is why this Tiger more than any other element of this sign is capable of forging deep and stable family bonds.