Commitment and monogamy

  • Should you start a Business with your Lover or Spouse ?

    Starting a business and building a romantic relationship are alike in many ways – both need initial investment of time and effort as well as need long-term maintenance to keep it successful. But what if you can combine the two – in other words turn a fulfilling relationship into a successful business partnership as well? However appealing as the scenario sounds, it is not without its share of pitfalls. So before you take  a decision, consider the pros and cons of going into business with your lover or spouse.

  • How to Find an Inexpensive Babysitter to Spend More time Together as a Couple

    Looking after a child is hard work – not only because of the physically strenuous jobs involved like feeding, changing, bathing and playing but also because this cycle goes on 24/7. You are doing this today, the next day and everyday. And one of the first things to suffer is the quality of the relationship with your partner. But even when you wish to spend more time together as a couple, doubts arise about where and with whom to leave the baby with.

  • When your Partner Wants More Kids but you Don't

    Having a baby ranks pretty high in the list of life-changing experiences. However this can mean different things for either partner; so while your partner may want to do it all over again, you feel what you have is enough. Unfortunately this difference in views can create significant stress in a relationship. So if you find your partner is looking to have more kids while you are in no mood to oblige, here are a few things you can do.

  • When your Husband Doesn't Spend Time with the Kids

    As a mother, it is natural for you to wish the best for your children. Apart from meeting their material needs, this also includes providing them with the love and emotional security so that they feel cherished and secure. However while you may be doing all you can to cater to your kids’ needs, you may not find the same kind of parenting input from your husband. Here are a few things you can do when you find that your husband does not spend time with the kids.

  • Is Porn Ruining your Relationship?

    The explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purposes of erotic or sexual satisfaction is nothing new. But what makes pornography a major threat to contemporary relationships is its overuse which experts believe are now causing a host of problems between men and women. So before you allow pornography unrestricted entry into your bedroom or even home, keep in mind its potential for ruining relationships.

  • 10 Tips for a Happy Marriage

    Almost everyone agrees that the easiest part of a marriage is getting your partner to agree to it. The hard part begins after the honeymoon and when the responsibilities of running a home and later a family take over. Yet despite many trying situations, it is indeed possible to have a largely happy marriage and here are a few ways that you can go about it.

  • The Challenges of Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

    Bringing up a child is one of the keenest pleasures in the world and there are many women who want nothing to come in the way of doing this well. However the decision to be a stay-at-home mom is not an easy one since this involves innumerable adjustments on the personal front, as part of a family as well as the larger society. Here are some challenges of being a stay-at-home mom and how you can cope with them.

  • Jealousy in Relationships - Dealing with a Jealous partner

    In romantic relationships it is quite natural for partners to be mildly possessive about each other and jealous of other objects of attention. In fact, taken in small doses jealousy helps partners to appreciate each other and not to take the other person for granted.

  • 10 Signs Your Marriage will Last in the Long Term

    With so many marriages coming apart, it is important to recognize and cherish any positive aspect of your relationship with your spouse. Here are 10 signs which tell you if your marriage is likely to last in the long term.

    You can’t wait to come home. The very point of a home and marriage means having someone to come back to at the end of the day. If you look forward to return to your spouse after a grueling day at work, it means your marriage is like a harbor where you can rest and re-energize yourself.

  • How to Heal Old Emotional Hurts and Have a Happy Marriage?

    Every marriage goes through ups and downs over time. But when wounds and hurts from the bitter phases fester for too long, they can poison a marriage from within. The good news however is that it is never too late to begin the healing process. Here are a few tips to heal old emotional scars and have a happy marriage.

  • The 10 Longest Lasting Marriages in Hollywood

    Hollywood is where you can find it all – glitz, glamour and fame. Only that the last is fickle and relationships likewise are even more transitory. However in the midst of so many breakups and infidelities, there are marriages which keep going on, bucking the trend firmly in its face. So here are the stars who have made the almost impossible happen and have some of the longest lasting marriages in Hollywood.

  • When a Busy Career Leaves you with No Time for Sex

    As humans are integrated beings, everything in your life affects everything else. Your work and love life too share a reciprocal relationship, no matter how much you try to keep them apart. Just like an unhappy relationship is likely to affect your productivity at work, similarly a high-pressure job is likely to affect your love life adversely. And one of the most noticeable signs of the latter is when you begin to put off making love.

  • How to Get your Marriage out of a Routine

    With marriages breaking up all around, you may wonder if infidelity is spreading like the flu. But many times it is not cheating which leads a marriage to unravel but simply boredom and the gradual dying away of love. All this, more often than not, is the result of a marriage falling into a rut and the partners too busy or too lazy to care. If you don’t want see yourselves going the same way, here are a few ideas on how to get your marriage out of a routine and make it fulfilling from one day to another.

  • Keeping your Husband Attracted to you - Tips and Advice

    Women once married often end up neglecting themselves as lovers. Caught up in the whirlpool of a demanding job, raising kids and looking after the home, one day they are rudely confronted by the sight of their husbands looking at another woman with something similar to desire. If you find yourself veering dangerously close to such a situation, take heed of the following tips and keep your husband attracted to you.

  • 10 Ways to Stop Fighting in a Marriage

    No matter how perfect the wedding and romantic the honeymoon, sooner or later the day-to-day reality catches up with every married couple. And then the fights begin. While minor disagreements are an inevitable part of two different personalities sharing a home and life, major and repeatedly unresolved quarrels often have the potential to develop into reasons for a breakup. So if you find you and your partner going the same way, here are ten ways to stop fighting in a marriage.