Commitment and monogamy

  • When your Partner Gives More Attention to a Pet Dog than to you

    Obsession with pet dogs, particularly in countries like the United States, is a growing phenomenon. It may have been brought about by disintegrating family structures and increasing physical isolation among human beings but it has been happily indulged by commercial manufacturers of pet-centric products. Unfortunately when this obsession begins to replace actual human companionship, then it becomes a problem. So when your partner gives more attention to a pet dog than to you, here a few ways to help you deal with the situation.

  • Fun Ways to Announce Pregnancy - Creative Ways to Let Everyone Know you're Expecting a Baby

    Congratulations! Now that you are sure you’re going to have a baby, it is time to let everyone else know too. But why not do this in a way so as to give your family or friends the surprise of their lives. Here are a few fun ways to announce a pregnancy.

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  • When your Partner is Controlled by Parents - Dealing with Controlling In-laws

    It is natural for every parent to want the best for their children. However sometimes parental influence crosses the boundaries of well-meant concern and turns into a controlling relationship, one which leaves a negative impact on other romantic relationships. If your find the same thing destroying your partner’s love for you, here are a few things you can do.

  • When Your Partner Wants to Remain in Touch with an Ex

    Mature relationships are all about giving each other the space to develop individual friendships and interests. But what if this involves your partner wanting to catch up with his/her ex every other weekend? Here are a few tips on how you to stay calm and positive even when your partner wants to remain in touch with an ex.

  • 10 Wrong Reasons to Have Children

    Bringing a child into this world is an immense responsibility. It not only demands high levels of personal and physical commitment from the primary caretaker but also the involvement of several other people in the process of child rearing.

  • If your Partner's Snores are Keeping you Awake - How to Stop your Partner from Snoring

    A good night’s sleep is crucial for both the body and the mind to rest and recharge. However disturbances caused during the night for example by a partner’s snoring can prevent you from getting that much-needed respite.

  • How to Prevent Arguments from Getting out of Hand in a Relationship

    All couples who have been together for any reasonable length of time have fights. While it is a good idea to let off some steam now and then, arguments also have the potential to escalate into breaking points. So if you have come dangerously close to that, here are a few ways to step back before arguments get out of hand and ruin a relationship.

  • How to Make a Relationship Last Forever

    A relationship like everything else in this world is in constant change. Most couples start out with dreams of romances and passion but soon encounter the pitfalls of infidelity, differing priorities or plain tedium. Here are a few ways to overcome the downsides and make a relationship last forever.

  • Getting a Tattoo - Should you Get your Lover's Name Tattooed on your Body?

    Sporting a tattoo is no longer just about making a fashion statement. Today a tattoo is an essential part of the wearer’s self-image and may even denotes his/her views on life and relationships.  But before you decide to get yourself inked with your partner’s name, here are a few pros and cons to consider.

  • How to Deal with your Girlfriend Going Through PMS

    Every man dreads that time of the month when a usually reasonable girlfriend transforms into a simmering volcano of complaints, likely to burst forth at the slightest of provocations. While much has been debated about the symptoms and seriousness, indeed the very existence of PMS, it is still a highly individual condition.

  • How to Make a Man Want to Commit to you

    Are you fed up of waiting for your man to decide whether or not he wants you in a long term relationship? If so, take heart in the fact that you are not alone.

  • When your Partner is Addicted to Facebook - Dealing with Addiction to Social Networking Websites

    Social networking sites have revolutionized the dynamics of inter-personal relationships. Sites like facebook not only enable users to communicate and share with friends every aspect of their lives but are also an amazing tool to reconnect with long-lost contacts.

  • If your Husband Takes you for Granted - How to Improve your Marriage

    It is hard for anyone to live without some appreciation now and then. But when the lack of recognition for all the investment in a relationship comes from someone as close as a husband, it becomes difficult to see why you should go on with such a marriage at all. The good news however is that the situation is not hopeless. So when your husband begins to take you for granted, here are a few ways to remind him of your worth.

  • When your Husband Forgets your Birthday

    The much-lampooned image of a husband seeking cover behind a bunch of flowers after having forgotten a wedding anniversary or his wife’s birthday may not seem so funny to a spouse who has been at the receiving end of such forgetfulness. While there may be genuine reasons why a spouse’s birthday slips out of a husband’s mind, it still does not take away the hurt experienced by the wife.

  • If your Marriage has become Boring - Ways to Make your Married Life More Interesting

    When two people marry, they are usually do it with the expectation that the heady days of love will last forever. But over time when the partners get accustomed to each other, they get comfortable in the relationship and settle down in a routine. Then one day this routine and the daily responsibilities of a shared life are too much to bear. One or both partners find out that the spark has gone from their relationship and the marriage is boring. If something similar is happening to you, here are a few steps you can consider to liven things up a little.