10 Signs Someone Wants to Ask you Out

One of the biggest dating challenges is decoding the behavior of a potential partner on whether or not he/she is suggesting a date. While smiles and laughter may be signs of mere friendliness, sometimes a shy and guarded stance can actually mask an interest in you. Here are then ten signs to indicate that someone wants you ask you out even before they have actually put forth the question.

When your Partner is Insecure About you

In romantic relationships it is quite natural for partners to want each other to themselves and a bit jealous of other objects of attention. In fact taken in minute doses, a lack of security may even help partners to appreciate each other and prevent one from taking the other person for granted. However, when insecure reactions get out of proportion, the relationship may come under great strain. Here are a few ways to cope when your partner perpetually feels insecure about you.

How Moving in Together Could Change your Relationship

In today’s world of soaring divorce rates, most couples are hesitant to commit themselves to marriage for fear of finding out that they are not really suited to be long-term partners. And yet, it is only natural that two people in a serious relationship would want to share a life together. In such a situation cohabitation or living together without being formally married seems to offer a reasonable alternative. But before you move in with your partner, consider how the step may change your relationship.

When your Crush Likes your Best Friend

Cupid’s arrow flies in strange directions – just because a person loves someone doesn’t mean that his/her affections will be returned in the same way. But what makes things worse is that the return affections land on someone just a few steps away – like on a friend. So if you find that your crush likes your best friend, here are a few ways you can deal with the situation.

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