Ashley Madison Tips and Advice

Ashley Madison is a very useful website for someone looking for an extra marital affair.  Initial sign up is always free but to make real use of the website, you have to upgrade your membership.

Choose the best membership plan

There are three plans that Ashley Madison offers - $49, $79 and $249. A lot of people get tempted to opt for the $49 plan because it seems inexpensive. This isn’t really a smart move because Ashley Madison works on a credit system. When you opt for the $49 plan your credits will be over before you can really meet anyone through their dating service. You’ll then have to upgrade to $79. On the other hand, paying $249 gives you 1000 credits and a refund guarantee. If you’re not able to hook up with someone, Ashley Madison will refund you your entire membership fee. You can read more about the Ashley Madison 'affair guarantee' at their website.

Post a picture if you can

When you sign up, be sure to post a picture of you. Not everyone does this and it gives the ones with pictures, an edge over the rest. Smile in your picture. Don’t appear smug or cocky or tough. It’ll scare the women away. Don’t pose next to your sports car. Avoid group photos, pets, very old pictures or anything that doesn’t project you as it should. Pose with all your clothes on and be well dressed. Leave the undressing for later! You can have pictures in a ‘private showcase’ so only Ashley Madison members you choose can see them.

Don’t come across as a cheapskate

You have the option of sending 'Collect Messages'. This means the receiver can, if he/she chooses to, pay for the message in credits. This is much like making a collect phone call. When a guy sends a ‘Collect Message’ on Ashley Madison, it makes him come across as a cheapskate. If you can’t spend a dollar sending an email, why would a woman want to waste her time with you on an extra marital dating website?

Choose your user id carefully

Choose a user id that reflects your personality and portrays a positive image.
It shouldn’t be risqué or make you appear immature. When a woman gets email from a guy, she’s going to see your picture, user id and the subject line.

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Show a sense of humor

Even when women are looking for an extra marital affair, they like guys with a sense of humor. It’s easier to charm a woman if you can make her laugh. Show that you aren’t a grim scrooge kind of character and can tickle her now and then. It’ll place you above your competition in many ways.

Your profile

Don’t make your profile boring by using phrases that have been done to death. Talk about yourself, your lifestyle, interests, what you’re looking for, in a casual easy manner. Avoid boasting about yourself or your prowess in bed. Make the woman who’s viewing your profile curious about you.

Don’t ignore the profiles that don’t have a picture

Sometimes women on Ashley Madison are reluctant to post their pictures. Some have them in a private showcase. These women usually get a lower response as compared to the others. Many of these are attractive and looking for someone to hook up with. Go over each profile and get in touch with some of these non-photo profiles. You’ll probably get a much more enthusiastic response.