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Different people date for different reasons. Some do it only to have a good time while some may be seriously looking for a partner. When you are dating for the second kind of reason, it makes sense to ask yourself if your guy is equally interested in a serious relationship. here are ten clues to warn you if the guy you are seeing is only there for sex.

A first date can be a potential minefield of misconstrued replies and half-understood impressions. A lot of what you do on a first date makes or breaks the possibility of getting a second date. A few tips on first date etiquette so that you are not only able to avoid the usual pitfalls but in fact make your first date a pleasant experience both for you and your partner.

Pick her up and drop her home

The first impression is the last impression, goes the common adage. And nowhere does this create more anxiety than on a first date. Women at the best of times appear inscrutable to men. And when you are meeting her for the first time, it is even more difficult to know what is going on in her mind. Here are some common of the most common ways women size you up on the first date.

Move dates are a popular option for couples going out together for the first time. It offers a way to do something together while maintaining an external point of interest. Likewise, you can be close to your partner but in a semi-public space at the same time. However the choice of movies is very important and could mean the difference between a disastrous and a delightful first date. So here are a few tips on choosing a movie for your first date together.

Few dating problems are as annoying as the “ex factor”. Here you are thinking that you have finally met the man/woman of your dreams only to realize that he/she isn’t over an ex yet. If you see no other way out other than to suffer silently or to walk out, despair not. Here are a few things you can do when you find yourself dating someone who is yet to let go of the past.

Now that you have landed the date of your dreams, you can’t wait to show her how lucky she is. But if you don’t want this to turn out to be your last date, you need to keep certain things in mind. Here are ten ways to make your first date a success and ensure a second date with a girl.

In your love life, you may have the chance of dating a pampered brat, someone who is used to being over-indulged by others. They are the ones who will entangle you in their grip, squeeze you dry and leave you wasted and spent.

Here are some signs that you are dating a pampered brat:

1) Money on entertainment

Living in a social context, it is inevitable that each person develops over time a circle of family, friends and other contacts. So it is with the person you are dating. Indeed as women don increasing number of roles – a friend, daughter, partner, professional, volunteer – the number of people they know are bound to rise. However if you find that the people your girlfriend hangs out with are overwhelmingly male, it could give rise to some serious negative feelings on your part. But here are a few options you can explore and arrive at a working solution.

While many sexual conventions have changed post women’s liberation, curiously enough asking someone out on a date still tends to be largely a male prerogative. Many women would like to ask a man out, but are held back by thoughts of appearing unladylike or worse desperate. The good news is that more often than not men are quite relieved to find women taking the initiative to ask for a date. So for all you women out there raring to go out with the cute guy you have a crush on, here are a few tips.

Catch his attention

Different people date for different reasons. Some do it only to have a casual sex partner while some may be looking for companionship or even for a committed relationship. If you have been dating this guy for some time now and even having sex but can’t seem to get him to take you seriously, here are a few things worth considering.

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