How to Keep a Guy Interested in Going on a Second Date


Finally you seem to have found a guy you really like and would want to know better. But then how can you make sure that he will not forget all about you within a couple of days of your date. Here are a few tips on how to keep a guy interested in going on a second date with you.

Look your best.

Men are more of visual creatures and the first impression your appearance creates might go a long way in keeping a guy interested. Make sure that your makeup and dress hide your imperfections and flatter your best features. It is a good idea to go for a hairstyle which is manageable as well as trendy since you don’t want to spend two hours worrying if it will come apart. Finally being attractive is not so much about wearing a revealing outfit or coming caked with makeup as about developing your own style and accompanying it with a charming smile.

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Ask questions.

This is perhaps the easiest way to show interest in your partner which in turn will encourage him to meet you a second time. Ask him about his work and hobbies and what he likes about them. Once you get going, also lead him to share his aspirations for the future or what he would like to if he has enough time and resources. You may be surprised to find that a guy comfortable with striking deals in the corporate world also dreams of visiting Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan someday. While you may ask about his family, be careful of probing too deep since not everyone is comfortable about talking about their childhood.

Share something about yourself too.

While it is flattering for a man to find his partner interested in his likes and dislikes, don’t let it be a one-way affair. Share some of your own experiences and interests – what kind of music you listen to or where you hope to own a beach house someday. All these will indicate to your partner that you are willing to let him a little into your world and he will be pleased to carry this even further.


Listen as well as talk.

Listen as well as talk to have a meaningful conversation on your first date. While it is important to show your interest in this guy, it is equally necessary to hold back once he begins to speak. If you keep going on about what you think of him and his interests or worse, keep bragging about your own achievements, he is likely to be put off by your behavior. Rather, listen actively and without interruptions to what he has to say and give your feedback at the appropriate moment. All these will go a long way in making your conversation mutually enjoyable and your date memorable, one which he would be sorely tempted to repeat before long.

Pay compliments.

Everyone loves an ego boost so paying a sincere compliment to your partner on your first date is one of the best ways to ensure a second. If you think your guy smells nice, compliment on his choice of a cologne but don’t point out the mark it has left on his cream-colored shirt. The idea is to make your date feel good about himself when he is with you so that he looks forward to be with you again.

Don’t bring up the past.

Talking about a failed relationship or your miserable experiences with men in the past is one of the worst mistakes you can make on a first date. A date is between two people – you and your present partner so don’t bring in a third person here. You can micro-analyze what went wrong with your ex in the company of a close friend or a family member but it is hardly an apt topic for a date. Rather appear focused on what is going on between you two right now and your involvement will be a positive signal to your present partner.

Refraining from discussing financial issues.

You might be low on funds right now or facing difficulties in paying the mortgage but spare your partner these sorry details if you want to see him again. No guy wants to be bored to tears listening to how hard up his date is or worse, the financial problems her family is going through. Keep the heavy stuff for later when you are closer to him and can count on his support – emotional or financial.

Keep your cell phone on silent.

You may be the proud owner of a fashionable or high-end cell phone but this is no excuse to gab with a pal when you are out on a date, especially if you are looking for a repeat. Apart from the fact that it is extremely rude to ignore the person who has made the time and effort to take you out, chatting on your cell phone indicates that you are distracted and your heart is not into this date. The best thing to do is to leave your phone home but if you must take it along, for instance to remain in touch with a babysitter, make sure it is on the silent mode and take a call only in cases of emergency.

Don’t reveal all at once.

Most people have done pretty crazy things in the past and have a few relationship issues as well. But you need not share every lurid detail about yourself with your partner on the very first date. Even though he may appreciate your honesty, disclosing too much about yourself may not make you come across as a very appealing candidate for a second date. Rather hold some significant aspects of your personality back. This will not only pique his curiosity about all the things you have left unsaid but arouse his interest high enough to ask you out for a second time.

The easiest way to ensure a second date with a guy is to make your first evening with him an exciting one. Though many successful relationships have started off as first-date disasters, hitting the right note with your partner at the outset will go a long way in encouraging him to see you again.