Dating a pampered brat

In your love life, you may have the chance of dating a pampered brat, someone who is used to being over-indulged by others. They are the ones who will entangle you in their grip, squeeze you dry and leave you wasted and spent.

Here are some signs that you are dating a pampered brat:

1) Money on entertainment

Be it a man or a woman, the pampered brat expects you to pick up the tab every time and the idea of going dutch has never entered the vicinity of his/her mind. So he/she expects you to accompany him/her to fancy restaurants and multiplexes and blow money like nobody's business. In a restaurant they order the most expensive items on the menu and the finest wines and pretend to be blind when the bill arrives. What they expect of a date is an evening of extravagant spending. Take her on a helicopter tour of the city and she would still want more. He/she couldn't imagine a date without dissipating dollars and enjoy the simple, pleasures of a cheap date, like a walk in the park, sharing an ice-cream soda.

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2) Expensive gifts

Dating a pampered brat also means a never-ending supply of gifts. These people love receiving gifts and make it evident to their partners that their affection is contingent on the amount of gifts they receive. Valentine's Day, anniversary of this/ anniversary of that are all excuses to empty your wallet. They start with chocolates, and flowers and graduate to diamonds, jewellery, pearls, designer items, perfumes, fur and the list goes on. Pampered brats love to show off their trinkets and gifts in their social circle and consider a wealthy boy friend as a good catch.

3) Self centered

Dating a pampered brat is an emotional minefield. He or she is self-centered with no consideration for another's emotions. Pampered brats are loud and vocal about their feelings and views, but bad listeners and zero in empathy. In a crisis, don't expect to get emotional support. They will wring you dry and bolt at the sign of trouble. They are used to being consoled but not to console, as St Francis said in the famous hymn.

Very often they may force you to pay all your attention to their needs. From childhood they are used to being at the center of attention. Their constant demands may drain your energy. They may hurt your feelings but are unable to tolerate the slightest hurt caused by you.

4) Hard to please

A pampered brat is hard to please. He/she craves for constant attention, praise, adulation, and agreement with her/his ideas. They cannot stand difference of opinion. They are used to being pampered as the final word in the family. They whine about the home-cooked food, they monopolize the television remote control, they always decide which restaurant everyone should go to.

5) Shirks responsibility/work

You will be tired if you start dating a pampered brat. He will shirk his responsibilities and palm off the dirty work to you. He will spend hours in front of the T.V. watching ESPN, hog a steady supply of popcorn from your kitchen and will not budge to help you in any domestic chores. If your luck is out, you may end up even paying the bills and shopping. If you end up marrying the lout, you may have to wash the car, vacuum the house, cook the food, take out the garbage, mow the lawn, and the works!

6) Suffer his/ her family

Dating a pampered brat is tough enough because of his /her peculiarities, but handling his admiring family is twice the trouble. So you have his/her parents, with rose tinted glasses, who think you have won the Kohinoor diamond by dating their pampered brat. If you get into any trouble, they will put the blame squarely on your shoulders and spread the word about how conniving or useless you are.

So if you feel you have got yourself entangled with a pampered brat, you have two options: a) Try to change her/him gradually (difficult, but worth trying) or b) get rid of him/her as soon as possible!