Ten Signs your Boyfriend is a Jerk

Most often it is the gut feeling which warns a woman that the guy she is dating is a complete jerk. And yet no one wants to break up without more definite proof other than a woman’s instinct. So if you think that something is wrong with your relationship and yet not quite sure if your guy is to blame, watch for these top ten signs which will let you know if it is time you dumped the jerk.

  1. He begins 75 percent of the sentences with ‘I’

    This is the surest sign of a super-sized ego, one which is sure to leave you feeling nauseous sooner or later. Such a guy will have an incredibly high opinion about himself and lead you to believe that you are hugely lucky to be hanging out with him at all. A relationship with such a guy will always be about him, his needs, likes and dislikes. So the next time he complains about how hot/cold/crowded the place is while everyone else in the same situation seems comfortable, pick up your handbag and run.

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  2. He never seems to have enough money on him

    If your boyfriend expects you to pay for the movie and dinner most of the times you are out on a date, be forewarned. He may have paid for everything at the beginning of the relationship but he may be ‘forgetting his wallet’ now with an unnerving consistency. Chances are that the guy is a loser who is too lazy to work and is happy to live off his partner. However you may not be able to get him to admit as much and when you ask why he has forgotten his wallet for the fourth time in a week he would remind you of that fancy restaurant he took you to even though that was six months ago. Moreover this guy would keep talking of being successful in future even though he lives with four roommates and has no career to speak off.

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  3. He continues to blame his parents/ex-girlfriends

    This is a sign that your guy is emotionally immature and unable to take responsibility for his relationships. No matter how unhappy his childhood or wrong his ex-partners may have been, if he continues to put all the responsibility for every failed relationship on others, you should stay away from him till he has grown up.
  4. He puts you down before company

    Mutual respect is one of the founding pillars of a relationship and if your boyfriend cannot bear you to have your own point of view, be sure that he merely wants a puppet and not a partner. While you should be wary of any sign of disrespect towards you, if your guy dismisses or waves you away in front of family or friends, he is just not worth sticking around.
  5. He eyes other women

    This is one of the most obvious signs of a certified jerk. If your boyfriend has a wandering eye, even when you are around, it is most likely that he is doing much more behind your back. Even though it is natural to glance at other people, intensive eyeing may in fact be construed as a form of visual flirting. So if your guy is engaging in such a behavior in your presence, it not only shows what a cad he is but is a definite indication that he would cheat on you with other women at the very first opportunity.
  6. He calls up ten times a day to know ‘how you are doing’

    This is one of the most telling signs of a possessive nature. Initially it may seem flattering to a woman to be reminded that someone is thinking of her so many times a day. But over time you may find that your boyfriend checking your cell phone for caller IDs, grueling you about where you have been and insisting that you stop wearing such short skirts. All these are signs that your guy thinks of you as his possession and thus finds it natural to control your social and professional life and even your likes and dislikes.
  7. He repeatedly boasts of his sexual prowess

    However when something goes wrong while making love he conveniently sees it as your “problem”. Such a guy is unlikely to engage in protected sex because he is too ‘big’ for a condom or he knows how to pull out with 100 percent accuracy. Even when he seems to be making an effort to please you in bed, it is because he is determined not to ruin his record for being able to make every woman ‘come’.
  8. He gets drunk oftener than you would like

    Watch out for the “oops I got drunk” excuse. Such a guy will routinely get wasted every time you turn your back and then claim it was an accident or that his friends ‘forced’ him. A guy may like his drinks, but if your boyfriend cannot take responsibility for his actions and its consequences, then he may have a problem with alcohol. Steer clear of this one since alcohol and relationships don’t mix.
  9. He doesn’t think twice before telling white lies

    Or he may change the details of a story with every retelling. Your boyfriend may insist that he tells these lies to prevent other people from being hurt or even to make them feel better. But a habitual liar may in turn start changing his story with you. Such lies are difficult to pin down but a relationship that is not based on trust cannot expect to last very long.
  10. He has a lazy tunnel vision syndrome 

    He can lie the whole day on the couch, watching you do all the chores. If your boyfriend can never find anything that needs to be fixed or cleaned but can ask you to get him something to eat without batting an eyelid, you would do well to throw him out with the garbage.

While no one is endowed with perfect balance of emotions, looks and talents, being selfish and intolerant of others can never make for a fulfilling relationship. So if you notice the above tendencies in a guy, move on. Always remember that you are worthy of being loved by a decent guy and you should never have to settle for anyone less than that.