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Conventions about who to date and how are gradually falling by the wayside. The increasing practice of cougar dating or older women dating younger men is an example of widespread sexual changes taking place in society. And yet the very charm of cougar dating – getting to know someone more youthful – could also involve certain complications which if not dealt with properly can spoil a relationship with great potential. Here are a few ways on dealing with the age gap in cougar dating.

As more women in their forties and above discover the joys of dating younger men, competition is bound to hot up for the youthful, groovy guys. If you are thinking of heading the way of cougar dating too, you need to buck up for stiff competition from another quarter – women who are younger or closer in age to the guy you have your eye on. Here are a few tips on preparing yourself for the competition and winning it too.

Priorities change over time – both in the social and personal context. As you reach a certain position in your career or public world, you realize that you want different things from a partner and in a relationship as compared to ten years back. Probably because you have lesser time to experiment or have had your fill of looking around. And yet being too choosy about who you see can negatively affect chances of a successful relationship. So really how picky can you afford to be when dating men in your forties and beyond.

The implications and expectations from dating keep changing as time goes on. What was normal and expected when you went out with someone in your twenties is not likely to the same as when you date in your forties and later. Here are thus some tips on making the best of a date when you are over forty and a single woman.

Know what you want

As age-old notions of what is appropriate fall by the wayside of sweeping social and sexual changes, older women come out winners in more ways than one. Not only are they in a stronger financial position than one, they are also spoilt for choices when it comes to men – one of the consequences being the phenomenon of cougar dating. In fact great sex with younger, groovy guys is one of the high points of cougar dating, an experience you can enhance still further by keeping these tips in mind.

It’s all in the mind

Cougar relationships seem to have become a trend now with mature women increasingly going out with men several years their junior. While they have existed earlier too – think Raquel Welch and Mae West - perhaps it is now that they are becoming mainstream with more women achieving financial success and celebrity cougar relationships in Hollywood coming into the limelight. If you too are keen to meet and date younger men, here are a few ways to go about it.

Dating a younger man can be highly satisfying for various reasons, not the least being a sense of youthful adventure and freedom that such a partner can bring into the life of a mature woman. At the same time there are certain things you better avoid if you wish to have the best of a younger guy minus the complexities of age disparity. So here are the top ten mistakes not to make when dating a younger man.

Today there are more single women in the forty-plus age group than ever before. There are several reasons for this phenomena ranging from a rising divorce rate which reverts many married women back to the single status as well as the fact that more women are putting off marriage until they are professionally established which could well be into their forties. Just like there are various reasons why women are increasingly single over forty, so too they are differentiated by traits and priorities.

In 1986 an article on Newsweek created ripples across American society when it reported that that a single, college-educated 40-year-old woman was more likely to die in a terrorist attack than ever walk down the aisle. While such a sweeping statement may seem outdated today, other realities like higher life expectancy of women vis-à-vis men and comparatively fewer number of single men in the forty-plus age group remain, all of which contribute to the notion that older women find it increasingly difficult to get a life partner.

Now that you are open to the idea of cougar dating, the sooner you enter the game the better. You can ill afford to lose time waiting for a cub to miraculously turn up at your door and ask you out. Here are five basic steps to dating a younger man that will help you rocket your social life and hold delicious possibilities in view.

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