5 Sure Signs He Likes You


One day he could be bringing you coffee to your desk while the next day he may be looking through you as you pass him in the corridor. Sometimes guys can be as inscrutable as is popularly thought of about women. So if you are obsessing about what the guy you have a crush on is thinking and you are worn out with the he-likes-me-he-likes-me not routine, here are five sure-fire signs which put your anxieties to rest.

His face lights up

Facial expressions are one of the most obvious clues to the thoughts that lie in the head. If this guy’s face spontaneously brightens as he sees you, it is a good sign. Eye contact is one of the chief ways that humans send signals of interest and it is believed that when they look at someone they like, their pupils dilate – thus if a guy happens to like you, he will look at you more than usual and hold your gaze longer than normal. And if this gaze is accompanied by an easy, sincere smile you can be pretty sure that he likes what he sees. A natural smile is easily identified as one which is neither too strained nor too effusive and most importantly reaches up to the eyes.

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His body language

While a guy may be shy or diffident in terms of facial expressions, his body language may be a far more reliable sign of his interest. Look out for a slight tilt of the head - if your guy likes what he sees, he will almost always dip his head a little to the side in a subconscious come-hither gesture. Likewise if you find him slightly leaning towards you as you chat up or even aim his upper body at you even if you are afar, you can be pretty sure that he likes you. Very often even the position of his hands can be an indicator to a guy’s feelings. As you sit talking to him, notice if he extends an open palm towards you. This means that he is literally and figuratively reaching out to you. The back of the palm on the contrary means a guarded approach even if he may be trying to know you better. In fact behavioral experts believe that the human brain in fact has a special region which only processes hand shapes and this actually means that you too would most likely respond to a guy’s hand gestures with heightened alertness.


He makes himself visible

If a guy frequently puts himself in your way, you can be fairly certain that he likes you. For instance at a party if he comes over to join a group near you even though he does not know them well or at a restaurant he passes your table while heading for the restrooms even though they are on the other side, it could mean that he is looking for a chance to introduce himself to you. This is also true of a guy whom you are acquainted with – this person may be taking a detour to the office water station just to pass by your desk or cubicle or he may regularly take the subway so that he can join you in the commute. All these are signs that he likes you and would be interested in getting to know you better.  On the other hand a guy who is indifferent to you will hardly go out of his way to be around you and in fact someone who does not like you will ensure that you don’t cross paths.

He initiates contact

If a guy calls you often, mails you or sends text messages, it is practically certain that he is interested in you. Maybe he is testing waters before asking you on a date or maybe he simply likes to talk to you – either way, a desire to communicate on a regular basis is an infallible evidence of a guy’s interest in someone he likes. The validity of this clue becomes more obvious when you consider the reverse situation - for when a guy ‘forgets’ to return your calls or reply to your emails, it is practically certain that he no longer wants to see you anymore. An even more definite sign of his interest would be when he graduates from regular communication to initiating meetings. For instance he would think up excuses to want to meet you often like asking you to join him for a drink simply to return a borrowed item or delivering official messages by hand when they could have been sent by mail. If all this is true, you can be pretty sure that he likes being with you.

He treats you differently from the rest

An infallible test of a guy’s feelings is to see how to behaves with you in comparison to other people. If a guy who normally keeps to himself goes out of his way to chat you up or bring you coffee at the workplace, it is probably because he likes you very much. Even a guy who is sociable and easy-going in his dealings with all, will display a change in behavior if he has a crush on you. While such a guy may be hearty and socially aggressive with the others, with you he may exhibit a softening of the voice and a keener sensitivity to your gestures and visual cues. Also a guy who likes you will wish to know about your work, your hobbies and more about your life in general whereas finding out the same things about others may seem to him a waste of time. More importantly he will try to find common areas of interest like a preference for a particular kind of music or sport or travel; he will ask you about your favorite band or holiday destination and when anything matches, his pleasure will be all too evident. All these are sure signs that he likes you and is reaching out to you.