10 Signs Someone Wants to Ask you Out


One of the biggest dating challenges is decoding the behavior of a potential partner on whether or not he/she is suggesting a date. While smiles and laughter may be signs of mere friendliness, sometimes a shy and guarded stance can actually mask an interest in you. Here are then ten signs to indicate that someone wants you ask you out even before they have actually put forth the question.

He/she keeps in touch

If a guy or girl calls you often, mails you or sends text messages, it is practically certain that he/she is interested in you. Maybe he/she is testing waters before asking you on a date or maybe he/she simply likes to talk to you – either way, a desire to communicate on a regular basis is an infallible evidence of a person’s interest in someone he/she likes. The validity of this clue becomes more obvious when you consider the reverse situation - for when a guy or girl ‘forgets’ to return your calls or reply to your emails, it is practically certain that they no longer wants to see you anymore.

He/she initiates meetings

Do you find a guy thinking up excuses to want to meet you often or does a female co-worker happen to pass you on your way to your workplace with an unfailing regularity? If so, it is probably because he/she likes being with you. The person may want to return something you left at the previous meeting or wish to have a cup of coffee with you for no particular reason. These are signs that the man or woman enjoys your company and is thinking of asking you out.

He/she wants to know more about you

A man or woman who is interested in you will want to know about your hobbies, work and friends. He/she will ask you questions and will actively listen to what you say. He/she may ask your opinion on various matters and seem willing to look at issues from your point of view. If this person wants to ask you out he may even laughingly ask if you have a steady boyfriend or she may sound out your preferences in women.

He/she presents you with conventional tokens of interest

This is more common in case of guys but even women may exhibit some gesture of romantic interest – like a bottle of the best Bordeaux - in a person before asking him out. If a guy is keen on you, sooner or later he will come up with traditional gestures of romantic interest. He may send you a lovely bouquet of flowers to your workplace or present you a box of premium chocolates the next time you meet. The nature of the love token will of course depend on the personality of the guy or woman but if he/she likes you they will surely find a way of letting you know about their interest in you.

He/she tries to reach out

If you are already share a common space such as a workplace, the same apartment building or the guy, then a guy or woman who is interested in you, will find small ways to connect with you physically. She may lightly brush against you when walking to her treadmill in the gym or he might pick up your scarf and drape it over your arm. Again your fingers may touch for a fleeting moment when he gets you a coffee when you are out with friends in a cafe. An exception here could be the guarded type, who may consciously keep him/herself from touching you unless he/she is completely sure of your interests and commitment.

He/she sounds out your friends

A man or woman who is thinking of asking you out will very likely bounce the idea off your friends first. This may not be just to ask if you are single – he/she probably already knows that by now  – but to find out your interests and what you enjoy on a night out. Also this will give him/her some clue about your expectations from a date – for instance if you like special venues like a French restaurant or like to keep things casual like a beer and a bite in the neighborhood bowling alley.

He/she is open to any plans with you

A man or woman who is interested in going out with you is hardly likely to come up with excuses like “I’m afraid I’m allergic to pollen” if there is a suggestion of taking walk through the park together. On the other hand he/she will be completely amenable to any future plans as long as it includes you both. So if you happen to mention that you like bowling you may find him/her brightening up and saying, “You do? I’m crazy about it myself. We should do that some time pretty soon”.


The “time” clue

If you know a person quite well but still wonder if he/she would ask you to a date, notice when exactly he/she wants to hang out with you. People who see members of the opposite sex as no more than co-workers or buddies would usually agree to a workday lunch or even an after-work drink but nothing later than that. On the other hand, if a woman or man suggests meeting for a drink late evening or a movie on a weekend, usually he/she wants the meeting to continue longer and get to know you on a more personal level.

He/she is jealous of other women

If you find a man or woman giving you the silent treatment when you have been joking around or having a drink with other people of the opposite sex, it is a sure sign as any that he/she wants to be more than just a friend. Someone who is interested in having a dating relationship with you will be acutely wary of competition and should he/she catch you flirting with others, he/she may be quite capable of getting jealous too.

He/she appears to be on tenterhooks

Despite their usual engaging friendliness, if a man or woman suddenly appears to be on pins and needles, it probably means that he/she is going over and over in his/her mind about how best to ask you out. The guy or girl may be their normal cheerful self with others but nervous and fidgety in your company, especially if he/she is replaying all the possible consequences of asking you out. And if you too like this person, it may be time to send some pretty strong signals that his/her proposal to a date will be met favorably.