How Do you Know He is Into You - 10 Signs That Tell You


So you have been dating a guy for some time now and wish to know what he really thinks about you. However you might have to wait some more if you depend on explicit words or big, showy gestures like fancy dinners as expression of his intentions. Instead look out for small clues ranging from body language to everyday behavior and you will have a fair idea of his feelings. Here are ten signs to tell if a guy is into you or simply biding his time.

He looks at you

Most of the times, a guy will first use his eyes to express his interest in a girl. If he comfortably makes and maintains eye contact with you while talking, it means that he is likes your company. On the other hand, a man who has a shifty gaze or keeps looking around while you are speaking to him is either uninterested or has ulterior motives.

He leans towards you

A guy’s body language can send quite definitive clues about whether he is interested in a date. If your partner leans slightly towards you while talking or keeps his palms open facing you, it is a sure sign of interest. On the other hand a guy who is leaning backwards, has his arms crossed across his chest or has palms closed in a tight fist indicates a defensive or secretive personality.

He draws you into a conversation

When a guy is keen on you, he will not only initiate a conversation but also want to know all about you. He may begin with a conventional line like “So what are your hobbies” but then quickly move on to things which interest and excite you. Instead of going on and on about him or being completely silent, he will ask questions, listen intently, and respond appropriately - all ways to make you part of the conversation.

He is interested in what you do

Whether it is your job or hobbies, a guy who is actually into you will want to know more about you do. This may range from asking sincere questions about your workplace and co-workers to offering to meet you for your Pilates lessons on Sunday morning. It is not necessary that he switch over his affiliations from country music to hard rock as soon as he hears that the latter appeals to you, but the mere fact that he is interested in what excites you and encourages you to pursue them are good signs.

He wants to know about people close to you

A guy who is dating you simply as a way of filling up his Friday evenings could care less about which sibling you are closer to or how you met your flat-mate. He knows that you both might not meet up again and sees such conversation as a waste of time. On the other hand a guy who is into you will make the effort to get to know and appreciate your friends. At the same time this is different from a player who might seize the opportunity to flirt with your girlfriends - a guy who is serious about you will instead shows genuine interest in your gal pals while reserving his affection for you only.

His friends know about you

While a polite date may expertly feign interest in your friends and family, someone who is genuinely interested is more likely to talk about you to people he is close to. And not merely about how hot a date you are, but also about you as a person and individual. In fact as time goes on, he will not only tell his friends about you, but will go on to introduce you to them and invite you to hang out together – all surefire signs that he wishes to make you a part of his inner circle.

He calls - regularly

How a guy behaves after a date is as important as how he behaves during it as a way of gauging his real feelings. If you have been waiting over a week now for him to call you after your date, chance are that he is not very keen to see you again. Agreed, he could have been busy or over-committed at work but still a text message or a quick call during lunch-break would never have been beyond the scope of the possible. On the other hand a guy who is into you will call not only after a date to let you know what a wonderful time he had, but also whenever he feels like it, even if it’s just to say ‘hi’ and see how your day is going.


He initiates body contact

This may range from an innocuous brushing of his thighs against yours as he leaves to refill your glass to a more conscious act of using his finger-tip to trace your life-line as he plays at being a palm reader. Alternatively he could bring her head close to you while speaking and touching your arm every now and then. All these are ways to let you know that he is comfortable having you in his personal space and maybe wouldn’t mind getting a bit more intimate.

He makes time for you

Even though your date is juggling a demanding boss, work deadlines and out-of-town trips, still a guy who really likes you will make time for you. It could be as simple as asking you for a quick lunch date, walking you from your home to your gym or as special as a fancy dinner on Saturday night. A guy who sets aside time from his hectic schedule to meet you or talk to you exclusively, surely implies that you are pretty special to him.

He makes plans with you

This again could be as short-term as catching a movie on Friday night or saving a long weekend for a quick out-of-town vacation, but if you find him open to making plans with you, it is a definite sign of his interest in you. He sees you more and more as a part of his life and wishes to include you in his future.