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So you actually got past your inhibitions to flirt with that drop-dead gorgeous woman and summoned up the courage to ask for her number? And you’ve even successfully called her to fix up a date without bungling it up! Now that you’ve got her where you want her, or at least where you can see her again, you don’t want all your efforts to come to naught. You need some serious help on how to make your first date with her a success. How do you go about making a good impression on a first date?

Different people date for different reasons. Some do it only to have a casual sex partner while some may be looking for companionship or even for a committed relationship. If you are clear that you want a no-strings attached fling, that is your decision but when you wish to be something  more than a booty call, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Watch for signs

Ever since primitive times, human have adorned themselves with various kinds of body art. While earlier this stood for tribal affiliation or indicated hierarchy in a community, today tattoos are more personalized. They can range from making fashion statements to naming the object of one’s romantic love. And yet not everyone may feel the same way about a partner getting inked. But what is the deal with women particularly, do they like men with tattoos or does all that scrawling on the body turn them off?

One day he could be bringing you coffee to your desk while the next day he may be looking through you as you pass him in the corridor. Sometimes guys can be as inscrutable as is popularly thought of about women. So if you are obsessing about what the guy you have a crush on is thinking and you are worn out with the he-likes-me-he-likes-me not routine, here are five sure-fire signs which put your anxieties to rest.

Now that you have spotted the guy of your dreams, you cannot wait to make his acquaintance and get your personal life roaring on the right track. And yet it may equally be possible that you are not his kind of girl and he is only being polite when he says he’ll call you. If you wish to avoid a future heartbreak , here are ten signs that will make it clear that a guy does not like you and you would do well not to entertain high hopes.

Here's a list of questions about money you could ask someone you want to marry. These questions related to finances and their answers would reveal your partner's finances, money management skills and attitude to money. They're especially important if you're marrying someone for their money. If you ask too many of these questions at once you'll come across as a gold-digger. Try to get this information over a period of time if it's important to you.

TIP: Read 2000 questions you can ask your partner.

Since technology is advancing with every passing minute, sending your girlfriend love letters and notes are a thing of the past. Today, almost everybody uses a cell phone and communicates either by sending text messages or calling, of course.  Text messages sent during occasions serve as a reminder that one is being remembered on that day. Conversational and romantic messages are exchanged plenty of times during the day and to help you choose the perfect text for your girl friend, you can take a look at these.

STDs or sexually transmitted diseases comprise of a group of infections that is transmitted from one person is to another by intimate contact. Even though sexual contact remains the most common way of transmission of this group of diseases and because of which they are known as STDs, they can even be transmitted through non-sexual but close contact with the infected person. It is for this reason that coming clean on your sexual health becomes important when you are dating or in a relationship. But then what is the right time and the right way to tell someone about your STD?

One of the biggest concerns for women in the context of casual dating is safety. Since the partners are usually strangers in this kind of dating, a woman needs to feel secure with the date to be able to have fun and make for an enjoyable companion. Here are a few ways to make a woman feel safe and create the right conditions for a pleasant evening.

Online safety

Gone are the times when a woman was practically compelled to give up all things enjoyable after thirty and forced to get ‘serious’. Now thirties are the fun years when women can bask in their hard-won emotional and financial assurance after years of experimenting. And yet there are certain things that women should lay off after turning thirty since these are unlikely to contribute to either their physical or emotional well-being.


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